Here We Go Again With Jason Lowy

Jason and I talked about everything from cheesy sci-fi movies to the differences between Mortal Kombat now and then. Kong and Godzilla, and just like any good podcast these days, the differences between Bend Oregon and Clayton New York and who’s taking the shot and how the media puts their own spin on it. A lot of time was spent just chatting and getting caught up on movies and movie remixes. We spent a little bit of time chatting about our favorite bands from the 80s and 90s and how many of those bands we’ve gone out and seen in the recent years and which bands will never get back together hint  “Oingo Boingo” just saying so sit back relax and have a good time here’s a fun and entertaining hour with my good buddy and best friend for many years Jason Lowy.
Tony Randazzo

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It’s hard to speak your mind these days. voicing your opinion is tough and a climate where you’re either seen as an ultra conservative or a bleeding heart liberal. But what about our perspective? What about the Gen X perspective? Hi, I’m Tony a latchkey kid from the 80s and 90s. Now I’m in my 40s wearing cargo shorts, collecting Star Wars figures and reminiscing about the days before my first cell phone. The Gen X perspective as for us caught somewhere in between boomers and Millennials are we see things a bit differently? I’m tired of staying silent. It’s time to rant, discuss, unload and debate. Join Tony and his guests as they tackle the topics of Pop Culture, Sports, religion, and yes, even politics. If life’s a Rubik’s Cube, we’ve got the experience to tackle it. Welcome to the Gen X perspective with Tony Randazzo. All right, so Jason Laue is with us tonight. And as promised, in our last episode, we were going to come back on and talk about Kong Vs. Godzilla, Mortal Kombat. We talked a little bit this week briefly texting. And I know that we have differing opinions on Mortal Kombat, but let’s get into it, man. So which which movie do you want to start with? First? What do you want to talk about? Why don’t we start with Kong since it came out first? Okay. So that’s the one I don’t have as much of an opinion on but so that was remade that’s been remade How many times? Do you remember? Or do you know? Kong Vs. Godzilla? This is the first remake it is they’ve only done two King Kong movies. And there’s been a bazillion started. Yeah, starting back in like the Japanese horrible, weird, crazy cult movies that right? Well, the first Godzilla versus King Kong was one of those Japanese horrible Godzilla movies. Right? That’s right. So any improvement on that? I mean, that wasn’t real hard to, you know, kind of make, so to speak. So, you know, with that being said, too hard, but I thought the new movie was I mean, I thought it was good. storyline was good. I mean, you know, it kind of it kind of tied in the the other movies that had come out the Kong movies and the Godzilla movie, both that kind of tied everything together, and the acting was good. And the storyline was there and it was kind of like a well rounded thought out kind of deal. I thought. I think it’s kind of what you would expect from a King Kong movie. Or Godzilla movie. You know, not Yeah, not Academy Award winning, you know, acting or anything. Right. Bad. I mean, totally entertaining. If you never watched the other movies, you can follow along. It. See it was good. I liked it. It’s fun to watch a big monkey fight a giant lizard. Right? That Yeah, right. Of course. Yeah. I mean, you can ever be the giant monkey that loves a little kid to like khadem II award winning fair, right? It’s just a good popcorn. Yeah, totally. And I felt like that totally from beginning to end. It was entertaining. I had a good time. That was a good one. I thought out of a lot of the movies that I’ve seen, I don’t know, this whole Netflix pandemic, like movie television watching thing that’s been going on with everybody on the planet. I just seem to gravitate towards I don’t know, the shittiest movies and television shows ever made. And part of that is personal torture. But Holy crap, like anything new that’s come out. Like I used to look forward to I think it was Thursday. Thursday’s, on my Apple TV. That’s when the new releases came out. Right. And there was always like, every week, every other week, there was another blockbuster that was being released in good movies all the time, you could at least have something to watch almost every weekend. And that has of course been just shut off essentially, you know, I mean, it just doesn’t exist anymore. So they’re, you know, rotating things like, you know, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure lands on must watched top viewed movie list recently. I mean, it’s crazy. Just I think people are starving for me maybe who’s the third one? Like yet, right. And it wasn’t, it was the first one that I’m talking about. So I think people are just, you know, movie out like my Netflix is totally broken with the movies that that the algorithm now pulls up and TV shows. It’s like if, if it is sci fi in the descriptor and ridiculously stupid and cheesy. I’ve seen them all now. So I’m kind of for somebody that oh, I watch a lot of sci fi shows and movies like I watched recently with Anthony Mackie, where he was like a cyborg. Oh, fun. cyborgs. Yeah, well, you know, it’s on Netflix. Yeah. Yeah, my Netflix feed is ruined. Essentially, if I ever want to get like normal kind of well balanced shows and stuff, I’d have to probably open another account because I don’t know normal. Well, Laurie walked in. And she was I was scrolling through Netflix in the other room, and she goes, Wow, my Netflix account looks a little different than yours. I’m like a little bit. She goes, Well, I don’t know what any of that is on your screen right there. I’m like, yeah, that’s what I see every time I turn it on. And unfortunately, I was stupid enough on some of like, some of the movies, I would start watching them and not realize they were foreign films. So I get a heavy heavy feed of foreign sci fi shows in a different language, constantly popping up on my feed. And you can’t always tell even from the description if it’s from another country. Right. So I have those now. Filtering in all the time. Horrible. And yeah, that is not good. Because it really pisses you off. Especially made me look so good. So good stuff that came out this week. without remorse came out. Prime indeed. Yeah. Which I really enjoyed. Yes. And last night on HBO, we got tenant. tenant came out over the summer, new Christopher Nolan movie. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. I mean, you know, I mean, you got to kind of mind Bender, but it was really good. Yeah. I mean, you gotta dig for them. But yeah, like the new releases, the blockbusters have essentially gone away now. And hopefully they’ll start. I mean, I don’t know if any really big movies are even in production right now. I know that strange. Yeah. Stranger Things got pushed off till 2022. And everybody was looking forward to that coming out this year, because they want to get all those kids together and film over. Marvel movies coming out later this year. Indeed. Including not including the Black Widow movie, which is going to be released on Disney plus. Right. Yeah, and that should be a good one. I mean, I really liked Winter Soldier that I think that that series or whatever, whatever you want to call it. Yeah. They did a really good job with that. I really, really enjoyed that one. That was definitely one of my Yeah, right. We’ve watched that last weekend. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. And I really enjoyed one Division Two. Yeah, I did. Laurie, let, let me tell you that. So I when we were in Florida, I had whatever night it was I put it on. And she’s like, Oh, this is a really great show. Like the first episode, we started watching it. And then it goes into the second episode, third, fourth, and then they start tying in more of the Avengers stuff starts, you know, starts tying in more. And then she immediately it was like, she looked at me at the end of I don’t remember how many episodes and we were just turned around and looked at me and said, I liked it better when it was all about the television shows. I don’t want to watch it anymore. And she just walked out of the room. Basically. She’s like, I’m done. It turns sci fi. That’s dumb. So I was excited. Like, she’s watching this cool show with me. She’s actually liking it. And then it did dawn on me. I’m like, Oh, right. I get it. Yeah. So she was Yeah, I like the the like commentary they had with going through the different decades of sitcoms, yeah, it was really kind of a cool. Yeah, that was they did a really good job with that for sure. and tied it in. I mean, really the kind of through the decades, I mean, to look at it from that perspective, that was really kind of this cool. I mean, it was really a well done out of the box kind of show that was really unique, especially right now because everything that even if anything new is coming out. It’s kind of like, like, I can’t even watch regular television. You know, when I started, like when some of the shows started coming back on like, my wife and I used to watch NCIS like New Orleans was one that we really like, and that has to do more with the lead guy in there. What’s his name from Star Trek? In? What Scott bacula right, Scott bacula. And, okay, and, you know, so we’re watching that and then all of a sudden, it comes back on during the pandemic. They’re all wearing fucking face masks. Seriously, I’m watching TV because I want to forget about that shit. I don’t want to look at a face mask on television on a fake television show what the fuck. So I know but it’s also funny when you see like, you know, in a movie or a TV show. There’s a large gathering of people, right? And they’re not wearing their masks. And you know, you start freaking out and pointing at you like you’re doing what they’re supposed to do. Oh yeah. Yeah, and then that’s Yeah, our governor speaking of face masks just decided he is going to let the state fair happen this year now New York State State Fair is the largest and longest running State Fair in the country. So we go for two weeks, we set up basically a booth. We set up a store, walls, floors, like we put floors and walls power. I mean, you name it, the whole thing’s there, the whole shebang. And we go for two weeks, basically, live moved to Syracuse for two weeks. And this year, they’re like, yeah, we’re gonna do it. But we’re gonna cordon off food separate from entertainment, separate from rides from concerts. And we’re all kind of sitting back thinking how in the hell are they going to cordon off the state fair that runs well over? I think it was it was well over a million people. Two years ago, last year, we didn’t have it. The thing is giant jet ridiculously large. How they’re gonna make this thing work, but people are pushing, trying to get this thing going again, and kind of get back to normal for whatever that’s worth. You know, you kind of got Yeah, I don’t know if you guys are doing UK or shutting down. You guys are getting worse right now. Right? I mean, yeah, we are our our numbers are going up exponentially. Yeah, I’m what is that because of kind of that hippie, kind of anti vaxxer mentality? Because, of course, I’m seeing it on national news. So I’m getting a filtered view of it. But is it just kind of more of that liberal? You know, I’m there was always a pretty big contingency of See, I don’t know that it’s necessarily liberals. Right. Now. It’s more on the anti trumper or the trumpeters. trumpers. Right, are really against the vaccine. Right? Well, that and then you tie that into the parents that have always been kind of act, anti vaccine for their kids. Right, Oregon was always kind of a contingent, Oregon’s always bad to begin with. That’s right. So you got those things, and then you add in their trumpers. We’re like, we don’t need a vaccine. It’s a fake. Red demmick. Anyway, I mean, are there any trumpers in Oregon? I mean, let’s be honest. I mean, I guess in sisters, and maybe you get way out there going towards, you know, Idaho, you might get some Republicans out there, but there’s not. I mean, you gotta be able to count any more republicans on like, one hand in Bend, Oregon. Really? I mean, there used to be a lot. Oh, no. Bend Oregon. Still. There it? Is it still really heavy conservative. Yeah. I mean, aside from Alicia, we had a washer, dryer repair guy came? Yeah, we were talking to him about it. And he was getting his vaccine. And his wife refuses. He’s getting his wife daughter won’t come visit until mom gets the vaccine. Right. When she’s mom said, I don’t need the vaccine. Right. If I’ve lived this long and been fine, why do I need it? Yeah, I mean, I’ve heard I’ve heard everything. And we’ve been really, because a lot of businesses in New York State a lot of restaurants and that’s made some national news or requiring employees get the shot and, or the vaccine. And it’s kind of its controversial in just in its nature, but it’s not illegal to make that part of your job requirement, apparently, which I thought was kind of weird. But aside from religious, and in medical, so if you claim either those two things you have, you know, your constitutional right to not be discriminated against and keep your job. Right, which I thought was really fascinating, because we early on kind of made the decision that, you know, yes, we’re in the service industry, but in good conscience, I can’t, I can’t sit at my desk and point at an employee that is an employee, like, I don’t know them. I don’t know, their family history. I mean, up here, you know, you have people that are kind of, you know, we have Mennonites that are former Mennonites, and formally do this and different peoples and all these backgrounds, and how can I sit there as an owner of a business and say, you have to be vaccinated? I mean, seriously, I mean, how do you do that? So we don’t. So essentially, even though we’re heavy service, we’re just gonna gotta roll with it. And if people want to get the shot, God bless them. And if they don’t, then you know, hey, they don’t, but they had a voluntary vaccine clinic at bend high. Okay. A couple days ago. Yeah. And that extra shots done and a bunch of people came out to protest it seriously. I haven’t seen a that seen any of that kids shouldn’t be vaccinated because they can’t make the choice. Well, that’s because they’re a minor in mom and dad are the ones that get to choose. Right. So they were like God Passing kids on their way to school and stuff. Heads. Oh, that’s a church. That’s across the street from Dan. Hi. Yep. The pastor of the church called the police. Wow. And said I will not have these people on my property harassing kids. Yeah, that’s good for him. Good on him. For sure. That’s for her. Yeah, her. Yeah, that’s, that’s crazy. I mean, you know, we didn’t have choice as kids, we actually weren’t allowed in school in California, in Orange County, I distinctly remember, like, the two things you had to have on your first day of school is your backpack and all the crap in it that you’re supposed to have. And you better have your vaccine, your your, your, your vaccine card up to date, or your weren’t going to school the first day. I mean, that was just how it was the vaccine clinic tech school? Did Yes, I remember that. So like, you’d stand in line with all the kids and they’d write me to nurse jamya in the army keep moving. Yeah, they don’t they never asked us, you know, do you want this or not? I don’t even think they asked our parents. Honestly. I mean, right. I don’t know that for sure. But I assume that they’re just really stressed out. Or at least let them be aware that on Tuesday, there was going to be shot. So if you don’t want your kid to have one, keep them home. Who knows? I mean, but still, right. It was just it was the norm. There was nothing wrong with it, from what I remember, which is just really crazy. But I don’t know, it’s just, we’ve gone on a tangent about vaccines, but it’s been, they’ve been having clinics here, they’ve opened it up to everybody, because they have so much extra. And they’re not using it up. So they pull it out for the day, or whatever the deal is, and they’re not using all the shots up. I mean, and that’s in the small communities and down in the bigger cities down in Syracuse, etc. And they’re kind of scratching their heads going, what we’re not even close to her immunity. So what the hell are we gonna do? And the thing is that people who are happy to get it? Yeah, I got my shots. Yeah, I got Pfizer. Yep, blue, I got Madonna and, and the second one was last Monday, so a week over a week ago. And by the end of that night, I kind of felt like crap. The next day, I kind of had the aches and the shivers a little bit, but then after that I was fine myself. And you just kind of move on. But we know that our governor, you know, kind of preemptively we know that if we want to go do shows or offsite events with the business that they’re going to require either a ridiculous kind of testing regimen, that’s going to be just undoable, essentially, or get your damn shot, carry the card be done with it. And we were kind of okay with that. You know, it was kind of, you know, pay to play, which is really kind of unfortunate to say it that way. But, you know, I mean, seriously, I mean, I’ve done enough research now, I think, globally that they were already doing all this research on the Coronavirus itself, long before, you know, the strain of it long before it COVID-19 hit. So they already had a huge leg up and knowing what it was and it wasn’t like this unknown never before seen thing, which I think is what people don’t quite understand that whole kind of history on that and that they already basically had the shit ready to go and right, because SARS 10 years ago isn’t COVID. You know, the swine flu was a COVID. I mean, yeah, I missed it the first time we’ve seen COVID It’s the first time we’ve seen this strain the strain of it. That’s right. And they they, yeah, I you know, and I think the only thing that they did do different this time was kind of the coordinated effort from so many of those labs to come up with something to treat it. And to cure it, if you want to call it that. That was the unprecedented part, it was kind of all of these scientists competing, that normally compete in their different corners kind of all came together to make this thing happen. That was the huge difference. And they cut through all the red tape. So even if, at a normal deal, they came out with a new vaccine, I mean, the trials and the length of time, where they were able to, you know, get rid of all the red tape so they get the damn thing out. And that’s, I think, where a lot of people are kind of, you know, raising an eyebrow saying, well, it was really fast. But they still did the same trials, they just did them. Kind of instead of doing very right, it’s not like they didn’t follow once before it’s the same base, they just tweak the part of the formula right? To fit this strain to the buyer. Yeah, and it worked. So it is what it is from that standpoint. But but we’re supposed to be talking about movies. Yeah. COVID So can we talk about this freaking Mortal Kombat situation for just a second? Because it okay, I was really bothered by this new movie, because I thought it kinda now what part bothered you the whole thing? It was like you dropped into this kind of horrible storyline. With kinda horrible acting. And if you didn’t know anything about Mortal Kombat, you would be ridiculously kind of confused. And it just, like started the movie kind of halfway into the movie for me. And maybe that’s because I knew too much of the history or was expecting the circa 1985 version, the first version of it. I don’t know what it was, but I just, I like the fight scenes. I wasn’t expecting, you know, Academy Award winning acting by any means, but it was like it started like right in the middle of the story. And that’s the part that kind of bummed me out. Just saying, see, I I liked I liked the addition of the new character. Yeah. Sure. forget his name. Yeah, I don’t have bad Yes. I like the backstory that they gave on Scorpion and sub zero. Starting back in feudal Japan, yeah. But didn’t they do that in the original I haven’t watched I missed I was gonna watch the original this weekend. I didn’t make it because I got off on a tangent on a different Mortal Kombat show that I’ll talk to you about a second. But they didn’t do any backstory back then. I mean, I felt like you know, more of a television or a kind of a blockbuster style movie back then. And part two as well, but that it was more we were not talking about the abomination. That was part two. Indeed, for sure. There’s been some other abominations, by the way, cuz I did my research. And so, with that being said, I gotta jump over to this. Oh, I was up on my screen. Did I? Oh, where did it go? there? You are. Gonna put you there. But where did I get a look over here? My Mortal Kombat legacy. Have you watched Mortal Kombat legacy? The TV show? It was original. I’ve been avoiding it. I know. You gotta you got to watch it because it came out originally. And it was in the 2000s. I just had it up. 2013. So, so not forever ago, but not yesterday. And what caught my eye about it when I was looking at all the other mowers because there was some comic cartoons that came out as well. But this one grabbed my attention because of Sonya blade was being played by Jerry Ryan from Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek and other stuff. Whatever it was that yazan. But yeah, Voyager Voyager. So yeah, Seven of Nine was playing around. Yeah. And that intrigued me. Because I liked her and Star Trek, of course. And I liked her and Picard, of course. And so it’s been really good in the but they’re short. And it came out. I want to think that it might not have been this one that came out through YouTube. But the shows are only like, maybe 20 minutes long. Without commercials, maybe even shorter than that. They’re not a full 30 it was probably a 30 minute show, probably a 30 minute show. So but it’s really good. It’s got they only did two seasons, and tons of backstory to all the characters of course, because the television shows so it’s way prequal before they’re going into Mortal Kombat. I don’t even know if they make it to Mortal Kombat in the second season, because I don’t know if it was one of those shows that it just abruptly stopped after the second season. But she was really good in it. And I kind of got a bit of a crush. So you know, I kind of see right, granted her clothes weren’t playing her on your show. I I’ve reached out. Yeah, not yet. So, so I gotta tell you, I have reached out to some people and you’re gonna laugh. So I reached out to I figured what the hell. So a couple. My most recent reach out was chris Christie. So I heard him on a podcast talking about when he got the Coronavirus when kind of his whole world changed from being like, a super trumper to Oh my god, what the hell’s happening me I’m getting ready to die in the hospital kind of guy and write a really interesting interview about being a politician, which was really fun. The first thing he said on this podcast, he was on his luck. I’m not going to talk to you as a politician because shit, we wake up and get out of bed and we’re gonna screw that up just like everything else. So I’m going to talk to you about my experience with COVID. And it was really a very fascinating story. And he shared there was a lot of he’s had a lot of loss in his family, and in his circle of people that have died from COVID. And he did a really good interview. It was really kind of down to earth and he was talking to a bunch of anti vaxxers but that was kind of the whole premise of this podcast. I was listening to they had the guy on I can’t remember his name, but he did. He did all of the polling for Fox News. He was the third party polling guy that did all the Fox News polls during the Trump era. And retired Colorado. No, it wasn’t Colorado. But he, it was interesting. I was watching Fox. And he was on in it was talking about this was one of his last deals he was doing with this group of people doing kind of it was whatever they call him when they get everybody together and kind of not the think tank stuff. But when they’re doing them posing a bunch of questions. Yeah, kind of like the roundtable stuff. He was doing those he was, owned his own business and was doing it. But he was always kind of on the he was always on fox news about it. And he said, Well, I’m retiring and didn’t really say why Well, apparently this guy had a stroke. In within the last year to last year, and and he was so disheartened and horrified by how this whole political thing has gotten so kind of polarizing, because whenever he gets a group of people together to talk, like they’re in their own camps, but they’re like unrealistic in their own camps, like craziness. But he was part of this whole podcast. And it was it wasn’t done by NPR, but it was done by him. A reporter that was kind of talking about the polarization of the COVID shot and how, you know, like the trumpers are super anti Vax, but yet, and how that’s bleeding over and how people are kind of getting in this gray area now and blah, blah, blah. So he was doing this, this, he brought on different politicians and different people with different opinions about it, that we’re all for the shots, and they were all primarily republican or conservative, trying to talk these people that were trumpers into getting the shots seen if he could kind of sway them. And right, and he and they talk about like, he’s three quarters away through this whole process. And he’s thinking, I’ve totally failed, like this thing blows these people are absolutely out of their minds. I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do. I’m done doing this job. I’m done with these people in then chris Christie came on. And the whole conversation shifted and changed because he didn’t come on as a politician. He came on as a person and shared a story about how he was affected personally. And that weighed on all these people that started the conversation out that were just like super anti. No, no, no, no, no. And then they were by the end of the conversation. They were all maybe, maybe, maybe maybe maybe they weren’t all yeses by any means. But they were open to the idea, which I thought was really fascinating. But so that made me want to reach out to him be like, Hey, I got this podcast. I really liked your your story. Hey, you should come on course he hasn’t gotten back to me. But that’s where that whole thing went. And then who else did I reach out to that I knew that you would really appreciate it was, was it? It’s been a bunch of people I reached out to Oprah Yeah, right. Like she’ll ever see it. The other person that I reached out to was Wonder Woman, the original Wonder Woman. And because I saw her she was on a television show or something a couple weeks ago. And I’m like, I kind of reached out to her and, and I have a really crazy story about her. I met her when I was like six years old on an airplane. My mom was flying. We were either going to New York or we were flying to California. But it was one of those trips through Chicago kind of deal. And it was long enough where you walk down the stairs onto the tarmac off the big planes back then when they still had those where you were still did that from time to time. And sure, we were the last people to get off the plane mom kept me on because I was just a little kid, whatever. And she was just not in a rush. And apparently Wonder Woman was as well. So I ran into her and the first thing out of my mouth was it’s Wonder Woman and I remember those get all those striking blue eyes that she had ice clearly remember her leaning down and saying hello to me and like shaking my little tiny hand. And also, I remember those freakin blue eyes. So I reached out to her as well. She didn’t get back to me either. Dammit. I don’t think until I hit like 10 or 20 or 30,000 listeners, I’ll get any response from anybody like that, right? But I figured, hey, what the hell, maybe I catch somebody on a good day. Maybe they’ll say Hey, I’ll give you 30 minutes in my life, you know. And then I can even five even five and try not to screw it up. But I figured you know, even chris Christie doesn’t have the biggest following but he’s still like 30 or 40,000 strong on Instagram. That’s not a bad number of kind of people that would listen. And he would be interesting to talk to you because he was you know, I asked him about what it was like to be on the beach that day when the helicopter flew over when all the beaches were closed and you know, get his response on that I just because I don’t think anybody’s ever asked him or at least he’s never answered very well. So you know, that kind of stuff. But yeah, I digress. So um, so Mortal Kombat did that show which was mortal. Kombat ledge, legends, legends legacy legacy. And then there was the cartoon. And then the 80s movies and talking about the 90s movies where they was at 90, the first Mortal Kombat came out, or was it 83? Or 94? Oh, sure. Okay. Well, it was still, I remember that movie being very good. I think we saw that movie together. We probably did in the downtown movie theater. I want to say I don’t know why that just came into my head. But that 95 was the theater. probably wasn’t downtown. It was probably that one on Third Street. Oh, right. Where you was downtown still open when you were there, the Little Theater dancing? Could you imagine if that place was still open now? How cool that would be? Just I said the last movie I actually Well, we went and saw Raiders of the Lost Ark there about five or six years ago. Is it through? They do like retro movies? They do. It’s still there? Oh, I guess it is still there that? Yeah, it’s the tower theater, the tower theater. Right. So are that mostly it’s plays. That’s what ours is. We have a theater in town that they renovated like 15 years ago. And when they renovated it, they put it in perpetuity that that building had to remain a basically a an entertainment venue for basically plays, we get a lot of concerts and we in the nice thing about where we are is we get stopped over x so x we would never normally be able to get but they’re heading up to Canada or wherever they’re going and their travels back from Canada and New York. And they stop here. So we’ve had some really cool we almost got Blues Traveler a couple years ago and I’m coyote moon was gonna sponsor it. And I was all about it. I don’t care how much it’s was gonna cost me but I get to like, hang out in the front row. And like blue straggler, like, totally cool, but it didn’t end up happening. So I digress. I know they were even still playing together. Yeah, I think they are. Yeah, no, they still are playing small venues. We, um, a few years ago, it’s been two years now we saw Oh my gosh. If I was a millionaire. Wow. Brain left. It’ll come back to me. Saw Billy Joel Madison Square Garden. That was a good show. I’ve seen Billy Joyce I Billy Joel Barenaked Ladies. Coliseum. Barenaked Ladies saw them at Madison Square Garden. Oh my god. Talk about an awesome show. And when you know all the words still, and that was the first concert. I think that I’ve gotten to that I knew more of the words than Laurie did. Because every time we go, I mean, I’ve been to Metallica, like a million times, of course. But yeah. So we went. I think it’s coming on three years ago now. Maybe two years ago. Yeah. It was. Berlin. Nice. OMD. orchestra maneuvers are Yeah. And B 50. twos. All at the at the arena amphitheater. Nice. Yeah. Yesterday, they were just starting to do concerts. They’re really when we left. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a concert there. They might not have been even doubling them that yet. Maybe we got to one about every other year. So we saw Steve Martin and Ed Raquel. They’re nice. I saw a couple of years ago. There. Wow, that would be a good one. That was a good show. I bet. It was Steve Martin doing all his banjo stuff. It was all bluegrass all bluegrass all kind of wound him with a little bit of comedy on top of it all, too. He was a little bit of comedy here and there. But it was all bluegrass. It was probably the same Grammy for that album. Yes. Yeah, he we saw him here in Watertown in their smaller arena, and we were up pretty damn close. It was really cool to see him play music and to watch him play that freakin banjo was absolutely stunning. But um, yeah, that was a really cool concert, too, that I got to see not too long ago. That was a fun one. But I didn’t you know. Go see. Last summer. I had tickets to go see Toad the wet sprocket. Nice. Portland. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah, we’ve had some good concerts that we’ve gone and seen since we’ve been here. Just kind of just random stuff like smaller venue stuff we went and saw, went and saw another rock band at one of the casinos and they were playing a small venue and it was really a great show. And you really feel old when you look around man and you’re the youngest person there and you go All these old people that are just jamming and having a good time you’re like, holy crap. I’m getting old. You know who’s going on tour? Who that’s starting in November who and it’s only an East Coast tour. Genesis. Yes, I just saw that. I didn’t know. I didn’t know where they were touring. But I knew that they were getting back together to go on tour. I just saw a snippet of it somewhere in my travels. I’m like, I can look that up and see what’s going on. Is it just east coast? Yay, East Coast. I bet they’ll be in New York City somewhere. They probably will. Yeah. And it’s Madison Square Garden is just like it’s six hours to Madison Square driving. So you hit the hotel valet your car and your you can be at Madison Square Garden, like sitting in your seat and seven hours from here. Just not a bad gig. And that is a great place. It’s so it feels so small. It’s huge. But it feels so much smaller. Just kind of the way the whole place is set up. But the sound in there is amazing. I mean, Billy Joel was probably by far the best concert I had ever seen in the music and the sound was unbelievable in there. And he put on quite a show. He’s been headlining there for like five years now. That’s kind of his headline spot. And up until COVID, he would play like 15 or 2015 shows or something crazy a month in there. I mean, quite a few kind of like the whole Vegas gig that people get. Right. Some kind of deal. So. Alright, so I’m back to movies again, before we get sidetracked. I mean, although that was music, which wasn’t a bad thing, of course. What was the Wingo Boingo? Are they still together? I was thinking about them. I was listening to them not too long ago as though they’re not together. Are they even alive anymore? Danny Elfman does strictly movie movies music navvies, right. I knew that well, I knew that he did that. But I didn’t know that that’s all that he did. They don’t do anything together. No. Touring. No getting back together. Nothing. No, and he said that he’ll never do he’ll never play with them again. Just because they had a falling out when they broke up or just No, he said these done with that part of his life. And well, that’s just stupid. What about the rest of us? I know. Yeah, so that’s crazy. But so okay, what do you got for movie trivia? What else you got? 80s versus modern remake movies that suck? Usually? Most of them. We can start on? Do you want to talk about movies that are coming out in the next two years? or ones that have already come out? Oh, well, yeah, you’re way more into movies than I am. So talk to me about the movies that are coming out because I probably have no clue. Okay. Well, dude, I knew about Dune but I don’t know anything about it or who’s in it or if it’s gonna suck or not. Everybody’s in it. It looks like it’s gonna be amazing. Okay, so I’m excited about that one. I’m redoing scarf Scarface? No, are you kidding me years? Who’s gonna do we know who’s playing Scarface? Are they yet? Are they gonna pick some unknown somebody? They’re redoing Highlander. Really like the original? Like the original. And this one? Sounds good. The guy who wrote and directed john wick. Oh, is doing Highlander? Really? You’ve just piqued my interest, my friend now? Don’t have original cast in there at all. Maybe is he going to be in there? Do we know the original Highlander is gonna make a guest appearance? Maybe I think it would be awesome if he took on Sean Connery role. Well, yeah, as we know Sean Connery won’t be in it, unfortunately. But that would be kind of cool if he did that role. Yeah, he mean he had the accent he could do it. Yes, but his act they’re redoing splash. Whoo. But with Channing Tatum as the merman. Oh dear there. Oh, really? They’re gonna make a mermaid and a mermaid. I’m gonna make a merman instead of a mermaid. They’re redoing Flash Gordon. Thank God. Although I am enjoying the TV show right now. But the kid there’s a flashcard and TV show. Yeah, it’s on. Is it on Netflix? Netflix. Yeah. I have to check. Yeah, I think it’s Netflix. It should be on my Netflix account. I think it’s Netflix or Amazon. And they’re redoing clue. Okay, I’m trying to think back of the original clue movie. Was it any good? I don’t remember who was in that one. It wasn’t good at all. And the stick was they had three different ending. Oh, that’s right. It was kind of one of those first movies that you didn’t know what the hell you but it’s become one of those cult classics because of the cast. Right, because they had a really good cast. So we’ll see how it goes. So let’s talk about movies that have been remade that are kind of in the Mortal Kombat vein that they’re not as good as the original. We can do that without too much brain damage, I’m sure. The Karate Kid. Did they do a remake of that? Oh, they did. And it’s saggy Chan and what’s his name? I mess it sucks. so bad. I don’t even remember it. But Jackie Chan was awesome. Because these Jackie Chan movie itself was just Yeah, that’s right. I mean, I don’t even watch the TV show because I refuse to watch anything that has to do with that show. Because they’re just gonna ruin it. You know, Cobra Kai, is you enjoy watching my, my sister is totally in love with the show as well. I was really worth watching the first couple episodes and I was so bothered with Ralph Mateos character and what a prick he turned into. I couldn’t get past that. I was a kid. It’s worth watching. It’s really good. Yeah, that’s I’ve been told that more than once. So Cody and the Barbarian. Yeah, they did remake that. Who was Jason momoa. Oh, that’s right. I mean, that’s, I mean, you know, I mean, you weren’t looking for good acting. No. And that’s the whole point. Is your original Conan was good. Is is so good. Because it’s so bad. Right? It’s so good. Yes. And they took their acting very seriously, I think. And his indulgence that nobody else they know the one nobody else. I mean, Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t even speak English. That’s right. I think that was his first movie officially, wasn’t it? Maybe. I mean, he second. Maybe in New York was his first movie, but they had to double his line. That’s right. That’s right. So right. Oh, no, he didn’t do porn. That was Sylvester Stallone that started out in the porn industry. Right. Keep them straight, of course. But yeah, bad that it was good. And then he became governor in California. I mean, look up. Oh, my God. Robocop? Yeah. The second one sucked. Wicked. No, no, no. The remake that came out like six years ago. Yeah. That sucked. Oh, it was horrible. Yeah. Totally sucked. Well, Total Recall. I totally sucked to another Arnold Schwarzenegger remake that just didn’t live up to it. I mean, they tried. I mean, they had some pretty good act. And again, the first recall isn’t exactly a great movie. No, but if you think of the era like the 80s, it had all the 80s cliches in it. Of course. You know, the I mean, it just I think we’re just getting too old and nostalgic from good, but maybe it was a good Red Dawn. Yeah, they totally fucked the second one out. Wicked. That was. That was disappointing. I mean, cuz that could have been another good like, action movie that they just culturally. Yeah, there’s a lot to work with there. And they just did the big. Yeah. I mean, big time. Now that totally sucked. Point Break. To thank you another one. Did they really it? I’m sorry. That mean, again, first one wasn’t that good? Because I’m an FBI agent. But still, I’m just saying it was a good damn movie. I mean, it launched the career of Yeah, yeah, really? It really did. I mean, as a serious actor, which is kind of funny to say that with that movie, but fuck that was okay. I mean, you know. I know, but I don’t know why they needed to make a remake. And then they made it so bad. so bad. It just wasn’t even the same movie. Now. I agree with that, to that one sucked wicked. I try not to watch the reboots. television show reboots tend to be way better. For the most part really. Let’s talk about Magnum PI. Oh, not entertaining, like, okay, so I didn’t watch that. I think maybe because of the time slot. It was on Friday nights. Maybe your Saturday. It wasn’t that bad for what it was. It wasn’t it didn’t strike me as Magnum though. Like I wouldn’t. If I watched those two shows side by side. And I didn’t know what either one was. I wouldn’t think that at one was a new version of the same show. It was a different show. About a pie and fucking Hawaii that drove really cool cars. But that’s really where the similarities ended. I mean, the same characters were in there in the same helicopter was there but You know, Higgins is a hot chick. That was kind of neat. But it wasn’t a bad television show for what it was, you know, Friday night entertainment mindless television show. I think it’s still on I think it is. And so is MacGyver, the remake of that? Do you have that on your list MacGyver, and I do it on my land. I really do kind of like the new television show. It’s not that I don’t like it as much. Now I liked the first season way more. And that’s when they still had the guy from as not NCIS. But CSI, one of the CSI characters. When his show ended, he came over, and I really liked the first season way better, but it’s still entertaining. He still does a pretty good job for what it is totally kind of different. But you know, I mean, I’m also kind of partial to what’s his name there. The original from from MacGyver doing Dean Dean. He’s got the coolest freakin name to Dean Dean. Oh, shit, because it’s three names. Yeah. And I like him in the house. He and right now that I’ve been watching, aside from all of the stuff on Netflix. I can’t think about dammit. Okay. What else you got on your list? Now, I’ve been watching the Mighty Ducks reboot. I have not watched it yet. Because they usually suck. So how’s it been? Talk to me about it. Um, you know, if I was 14, I would enjoy it. histologia factor is a big, you know, having Emilio estas in the movie. Is he in it? Or in the TV show? Yeah. Oh, shit. That’s got to be his first gig in like 1015 years. I don’t think he’s done anything on television. Since he’s been while he’s been producing and directing staff. Sure. I need not really on TV. Right. And then like the episode that was on this week, they had six members of the original cast show up. They’re all adults now. They are all adults. adults. Now. Here’s what’s funny. Did you watch the Daredevil TV show? I yes. I haven’t watched all the episodes. But yes, I’ve watched you remember his friend or friend foggy? Yeah. He plays the kid in the Mighty Ducks. You can hit one in five shots but hits a ball really hard. Really? Huh? Yeah. Okay. I don’t really I don’t remember the clear enough. them or him? But so it’s been a fun watch. Yeah, I’m sure well, you know, I’ve also been watching. There’s a new kung fu television show. Which one? kung fu Kung Fu. I have wanted to see that. What’s it on? Is it like Netflix or CW? Oh, that’s why Okay, that’s probably where I’ve seen it is because I stream it The CW. See, I’m enjoying it. It’s not great. But the first one wasn’t great, right? It’s more modern modern day instead of, you know, right back in the Old West, right. So I think I have seen an episode or two now that I that you say that? Because I flipped through so many different shows that I’ve started and then I get kind of bored. Like for a while I was doing. I was watching with Jughead. Like, Riverdale Riverdale was watching that. And then I was watching Sabrina. And some of those remakes. I thought they did a really good job because they took they took basically a kids show and they made an adult version of it really. So there was more murder in Riverdale was 90210 and yes 2018 That’s exactly right. Oh, totally is. Was is I think that is it still running is I stopped watching that at some point. But it was definitely entertaining. Acting was good. You know, it was it was good. You know, it’s kind of funny to think of those comic books. Or those characters, like Jughead, etc as like human beings with storylines was kind of weird. That’s what intrigued me to start watching it. It was like, fuck are they gonna take a comic strip and turn it into a television show? And I mean, just the names we’re about in the stupid hat that he wears is about the only thing in the whole series that follows is even close. Yeah, totally. So I mean, it was just basically taking somebody people were familiar with and turning it into a television show and I probably does really well guessing. But probably with you know, 16 year old girls. Oh, totally. Yeah, absolutely. It fits definitely into that hole. shondra for short. And we’re still nerds. So we watch that crap every once in a while. So, right. Yeah, I watched the first two seasons. Yeah. And that’s about as far as I got two or three. I didn’t get much further than that. I haven’t watched it in a while. I kind of flipped over it when I see it. And then I watched. Of course, all all, I’ve watched every episode except the last five episodes of supernatural. I refuse to watch the last episodes because they made him during the pandemic and fucked them all up. And I just can’t bring myself to watching the end of that TV show. Although they did wrap everything up in a nice bow. They didn’t do what they originally wanted to do, because of course, read a lot of what they were supposed to do that they weren’t able to do because they just wanted to get the thing done. Because all those characters or all those actors wanted to get on with their lives. I just haven’t watched I’ve never watched supernatural it’s a really good run. I mean, it’s 15 seasons. So right. I decided to watch it all the way through starting. It was a year it would have been year and a half ago, maybe two years ago, I started watching it and I would watch like two episodes a day until I got through all of it and and then kind of got caught up and then would wait until all the episodes aired. And then I would watch it and stream it. But it was really good and watching those characters develop over the years and the storylines and how super fucking cheesy it was when it started. I mean it ended pretty cheesy too. But they got better as they got more popular and they got more budget and got more money and you can see the progression of the actors because one of the kids one of the heartthrobs started in was on Felicity or one of those teenage girl freakin shows and came over and, you know, so it was really fascinating. I really liked that series. So I’ve been watching Scorpion scorpion. It ran from like 2013 to 2018 17. Somewhere in there. Nice. It’s about a bunch of geniuses with really high IQs Yeah. That go around saving. I want to How can I not be watching that show? It’s called design for four seasons. What was it called? scorpion. Oh, scorpion. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yes. I watched it when it first came out when it was on regular television. Laurie and I watched that show. Yeah, the group of super smart kids and they’re all in the right there their Batcave is like a warehouse. The Asian girl is the tough like the the welder in the tough check. Right? said the right show. Yeah, we watched that was like actually on television, Laurie and I did she really liked that show. Actually. I’m gonna say that I think she watched it with me, but I want to say she liked it. That was out the same time as like, oh, it wasn’t Ted. What the hell was the name that show where it was the super genius that turned into the super agent that was on around the same time to it only lasted like two seasons. remember the name of it now? I just saw him in an interview too. And I was like, he doesn’t look the same because he’s like a dumb kid with curly hair. And now he’s an older looking dude with gray hair. Whatever. Again, forebode names in my Netflix account won’t come up so I can’t open it to look at what I’m trying to look at. Dammit. Open fucker. Oh, no. I’m playing on Netflix right now. Shadow and Bone. Shadow and Bone. Shadow and Bone on Netflix. Why am I Why am I not heard of that? Just came out about a week ago. Maybe that’s what it’s based on. books by Leigh Bardugo which happened to be amazing. Total fantasy magic fun. Netflix. I’m gonna open Netflix right now. On my other browser Come on. Maybe it cleared my cat daughter today. No, it’s not playing sign on. Do I not know that show? I’m getting ready to turn on and turn the TV on here it goes booting up. I wonder if I could figure out how to bring this on the screen. There’s no way to set that up Netflix you’re signed into your account. What was it called? Shadow and Bone. Shadow and Bone. I wonder if I’ve seen it. That’s t o w, Shadow and Bone. Wait a minute. Shadow, Shadow and Bone. I think I have seen it. Wait a minute. I started watching that because It looks for shadow. Oh, yes. Yeah, yes, yes. Yes. That’s a great show. I didn’t realize that’s the name of it. But yes, I’ve been watching that since it came out and you’re just better with names, but I had to bring it up. Good. Yeah, good character development. I dig the show. They’re doing a good job where that kind of that weird sci fi other World Magic Kind of, yeah, I dig it. I’m enjoying that one. I was happy that that came out. I was really expecting that one to not be in English, by the way. That was one of the shows right on it. And I was like, my expectations was at like zero. And they started speaking English and I got wicked excited. And that just came out. It’s only been out like a week, I think right? Yes. Yeah, that’s in my feed. The regulars Have you watched that? All my movies are up now. That is a good one. That is kind of a a the actress that’s in it. There. Oh, it’s it’s kind of a weird take on like it’s later. Playing whoops. Better pause that. Yeah. It’s kind of it’s Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock. It’s Well, sure. I did watch the array. Yeah. where he’s totally only like six episodes. Yeah. He’s like, spun out on heroin and drugs. And he was a heroin addict. That’s right. And then. So it’s a whole supernatural with the mom who went to the other dimensions. Yes. It’s really good. I actually haven’t. Yeah, I really enjoyed that. Yeah, that was a good one. I think that’s gonna come around for another season, too. So it’s only the first season I think they’re gonna do a second on that one. It sounds like so. I hope so. Did you watch? The movie? The widow who? And Nola Holmes? Yes. That was good, too. I really enjoyed that. That was a really they did that. That was well done. For sure. She did. She did a good job of that. I enjoyed it was fun movie. I mean, it wasn’t too deep, of course for what it was, but she did a good job. It’s good kid. Yeah, I enjoyed that. Yeah. And the Witcher, The Witcher was good. I was hoping that this new season would come out. But I think it’s been delayed just like everything else. It’s due out later in the year. It is due out this year. Yeah. Okay. It is due out this year. So is Star Trek. Picard is due in season two. Did they ever? Well, what I didn’t hear was if they started filming, did they start filming it? So they wrapped? They’re done? Cool. Thank God. That’s exciting. I was gonna be in it. Even better. That’s awesome. I mean, they had seven nines in it. Right? He’s in it queues in it now as we need is like Caf Captain Janeway to show up. That’d be fun. She’s still Cisco. She should be alive, then Cisco would be alive. They would both still potentially be in Starfleet? If you look at the timing. Yeah, that could really be kind of cool. Some of that crossover because those folks are still out acting and doing stuff. So yeah, I think the fandom people would go crazy. Do you watch Voyager? Yeah, not Voyager. What’s the new discovery on a season and a half behind. I religiously watched the first season didn’t miss an episode, watched it every week and was annoyed that I had to wait a week. Then the second season came out. And I watched that all the way through, I waited till it was over and watched it. And now we’re into the third season now right. third season just ended third season just ended and I have watched maybe the first three episodes. And then I was going to do the same thing kind of wait for a tall in because when I start watching it all want to sit down and watch three, four episodes at a rip. I really liked it. I mean, for I think it’s a really good take on Star Trek and really good. Like, I mean, the technology and kind of the way they incorporated but don’t how they make, especially the first season how they kind of crossed over into all the technology that we would expect. Like they couldn’t do in Star Trek because they just the technology and the television show wasn’t there. But how they justified that like, there was no video monitors because it wasn’t had anything to do with Kirk but it had everything to do with Captain, what’s his name there pike that pike pike made them take all of it off enterprise and they did that in discovery. And that’s why enterprise didn’t have any of that shit in the regular series. Like how they tied all that stuff back to right made it all believable, was I thought awesome. Like they did such a good job with some of that stuff. Like how do you tie in all this cool technology with This and then pushing them way into the future, well then that makes everything just work. All of a sudden, they don’t have to kind of keep trying to act like they don’t have stuff that they shouldn’t have. Because now they, they’re they past all of the versions of the Star Trek series, which I thought was cool, but they’re doing a really good job with it. Unlike Star Wars disaster, but don’t get me started. I’m really sad. But the Mandalorian No, I love the Mandalorian. But the movies just why can’t they just get out of their own way and not look stuff up so bad? I mean, they were Star Wars. I think you and I’m in the same boat when the original Star Wars came out? Yeah. 1977 Yep. I literally went every weekend that summer. Because it was Yeah, what 50 cent? Get me in a movie. And it was two hours my mom could have for free on a Saturday. Right. And you were you’re a little bit I yeah, you were a little bit older than me. So I didn’t get necessarily that experience with Star Wars. But I got that with Empire Strikes Back. Right. And I love Star Wars. I love Empire. Empire is a good good movie. I mean, that movie has been but it’s the only one critically acclaimed kind of stuff like he did a really good hours is not a good movie. It really isn’t. But I thought it was so groundbreaking. I guess that that’s what it was like nothing we’d ever seen before. Right? And yeah, return to the Jedi was good. Yeah, right. But so I will tell you, did you watch rebels? Yes. Star Wars Rebels? Yeah, the cartoons? Yeah, the rebels. Amazing. And the bad batch cartoon is coming out, like, two or three weeks. That’s right. Yeah, I’m excited for that. I love Mandalorian. And I loved and I love what I loved about Mandalorian is they’re really starting. What they what they figured out was the Marvel formula, like this shit has to tie together like on like, multiple levels across all the platforms like john fabra. Yeah, and they’re doing it from, you know, they’re doing it at a disadvantage because it was never done that way. But now they’re pulling in stories from the books, from the cartoons in the in, you got to go back and search out that history like, you know, with, with what’s their name, their sacaton so Kitano you wouldn’t have known that, like you could have watched Mandalorian and seeing her and watch the show and been fine. And it would have stood on its own. It did. But if you didn’t know the history, or noticed or knew that she was in the cartoons to be able to go back to like the last couple episodes of the cartoons, to get all that backstory and understand what the hell was really going on there. That’s when she was one of the main characters in club wars. She was in a car. Loan wars. Yeah, it was the last couple episodes of Clone Wars. Were really kind of tied her story in with Mandalorian. And also when they introduced the other, the other Mandalorians in that whole thing when that whole thing went to Yes. And that and the fact that you know, they brought kitty sack off. That’s right. That’s right. And it was the voice of that character in rebels. was she? She was they brought her play a character. Yeah, that’s awesome. In the Mandalorian. Yeah. That was cool. Yeah, that was really cool. You got to move your camera up a little bit. I can only see your nose and your hair. yar. I was just stretching my back. Okay. So I was um, that kind of stuff that’s happening now. I’m really excited about in that, you know, Obi Wan is coming out Boba Fett, Scarlett. How do you feel about them bringing back in Christensen to play Vader? Oh, really? I didn’t know. I guess I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that. But oh, he’ll be Vader. He’ll have the damn mask on. You know what I mean? At that point. We won’t be seeing they’re gonna be doing stuff without him in the mass like doing flashback stuff. Yeah, or that his he’s not as like deformed in his Well, they got to keep the mask on him as Vader because that’s how he gets the flashback stuff. Well, maybe he’ll redeem himself a little bit from sucking so bad as Darth Vader when he was a kid. He’s old now. Right? Yeah, I mean, that movie came out two years ago. Yeah, came out 20 years ago. So and what’s his name is playing Obi Wan as well. Let me know. Okay, yeah, they’re bringing both those guys back and I thought he did a good job. I mean, if you look at less the storyline more the characters. He and Liam Neeson both did really good jobs in those characters. Totally. They just did really stupid shit. Like, you know, they did he wachsen Jedi and they did. What’s his name? In freakin Jar Jar? Jar Jar that jackass and screwed that whole thing up with these stupid characters that had too much, too much, you know? Yeah. So I don’t know, how do you feel about Luke Skywalker showing up in the last episode of Mandalorian I loved it as Luke Skywalker. I thought they could have done the CG better, like you would have expected that to be just a little bit better although it was amazing. No doubt but it right? Was the CG and the whole series is kind of hokey. Right? So kind of kept with the CG of the series, you know, indeed, for sure. But they also also they’re going to have a bigger budget now, because I think we’re off to so you’re gonna start seeing and it didn’t bother me. It was just it didn’t mean to awesome. I did when you saw Luke Skywalker not only see Luke, Luke Skywalker is a total badass Jedi. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, I thought that was really cool. Walking through those robots. Like they weren’t even there. Yeah, that was really cool. I did enjoy that I wasn’t bothered with the prospect like so many people were bothered with. It’s Luke Skywalker, and he was CG. Well, you can get the real one for the love of God. He’s old fat. And Ray. I mean, he couldn’t do it. You’d have to lose 100 pounds and they’d have to CG did the acting? Did he really? Yeah. How did I not know that? Like, he did that whole song set? And he did all the work and Well, yeah, would have done the voice work. Sure. That makes sense. Yeah. That’s really cool. I mean, I like when they tie stuff like that all in. I think that they’re doing you know, if you’ve got a if you’re a nerd, you totally get it. And if you’re not a nerd, but you just enjoy it, you get it to and that is what I think is masterful about like the Marvel Universe and I and I never paid a lot of attention to the Marvel Universe. Until more recently, where I’m starting to kind of watch it and put it all together that way. I always watch them as standalone movies. I knew there was a bigger story, but I didn’t pay attention to it because I wasn’t a huge Marvel guy. And, and I’m starting to kind of geek out on a little bit more now. Maybe because I got more time or whatever it is, but I can appreciate how intricate I think the TV shows help with that. They do too, because they put they put the pieces together in an easy way for you to understand. Right? I did that. Now. I have to tell you there are some awesome DC TV shows that don’t get a lot of love there is that I like Teen Titans. I haven’t watched it it’s on my list. Doom patrol haven’t watched that didn’t know about it do patrol that HBO max it’s absolutely amazing. I think I think I’ve seen it and haven’t watched it yet. And I mean the whole arrow verse. Who? The Green Arrow? Oh, yeah. The Green Arrow? arrow. Yeah, the flash. I’ve been watching Green Arrow. I’ve watched on and off. But the flash I really like an arrow. I like the flash. Yeah. Um, as a couple when you were saying Green Lantern. I was thinking of the flash by the way. Now that I’m putting that back in my head the right way. That’s what I was talking about. Was that TV show and really dig it. I’m really liking the story. Yeah. flashes. Good. So screen arrow. So is legends of tomorrow. Yes. And how about the other show that’s on Mike. It’s 10th season now. Oh, shit. It’s that it’s the one that’s still that started all of those shows Really? worth Firestorm is in it. That’s the other show. That’s that’s the other show too that I really like that’s a DC show. Where it’s about the comic like the second rate comic book characters that that were never heard from again, and they go back in time, and they’re time traveling now. That’s the legends of tomorrow. Yeah. legends of tomorrow. Thank you. And then the other show that’s been out forever. That’s all DC Universe, but it’s they’re more cops. They’re traveling. Gotham. Not Gotham, but I was thinking I know Gotham too. But it was um, is it on Netflix? It probably is. I can look at it. Let me look it up real quick. So it’s bothering me, but wouldn’t be on Netflix. Yeah, it’s on Netflix. Now if you want just crazy chaos on Yeah, the Harley Quinn TV show. I haven’t watched it. But I heard it’s a cartoon. It’s two seasons ad. It’s utterly amazing. Wow. Oh my god. Where’s that show that’s bothering me can’t remember the name of it. It starts with a D. And no it does. I can remember the D. Budgens legends a monkey was really good. And I’m going through all my old movies here. The Magician’s that’s another good TV show. I haven’t watched that. A couple C’s edition was good. Books are better. Oh, I’m sure the originals. That was another good vampire flick. Yes. Oh, where is that DC show? It might not be on Netflix anymore. They’re all on HBO NOW. Yeah, you’re probably we’re right. Lucifer. That was another good one. charmed I’m getting back into the Lucifer is amazing. And I’m actually not all the way through that now. But they’ve taken it off on Netflix. They might have. They might have they might have moved it to HBO. A lot of them have moved HBO. Yeah, because their HBO max thing now there too. Yeah. Let’s see. Now do you get HBO Max? Yep. Yep. My God. New Mutants? Yes. I’ve watched maybe one episode in their movie. Maybe I haven’t seen it. came out on HBO like two weeks ago. I’m sure I’ve said it’s not great. It’s kind of a bad x men movie, but it’s fun to watch. Yes, yes. Yes. I have seen it in You’re right. It is. It’s like an x men kind of outtake B. B string. Yeah. I don’t know where that show is. It’s ancient legends. Legends agents. agents have it. Thank you. That’s when Marvel serious it’s a really good damn show. By the way. It is a good show. And it’s still running. It’s got new episodes out now and behind. No just did last summer. Really, that was the end of it. Damn it. I’m maybe I didn’t watch. I might not have watched last year’s then. Agents of SHIELD. That’s what I was thinking of. And that’s now There you have it. That’s how much I pay fd and agents and CIO. Yeah, well, okay. So we’ve been going on for an hour and 11 minutes. So I have a bunch of flash cards in my hand. And they’re called, they’re called pod decks. Interviewed. Okay, these are the boring ones. Hold on a second. Let me open another box. How about Would you rather that’ll be a fun one? We’re gonna do a little rapid fire stupid questions. Okay, Mr. Jason. All right. Would you rather Would you rather have your head be too big for your body or your hands that are too small for your size? So do I want a big head or small? I guess? Yeah. Or do I want to be Donald Trump in that boat? Ooh, I bet his head’s not that big. If you just washed all that fucking hairspray out over there. I’d rather have a big heads clients. Would you rather lick every inanimate object you see or be licked by every living thing you see? Like every inanimate object? Let’s see. Would you rather be able to record your thoughts? Or your dreams while you sleep? That’s a stupid one. You can still answer it though. I can no I got another one of like neither of those is a good option for anybody. What the heck? Nobody wants to hear my actual thought. Probably be in jail. Well, he especially nowadays you’d be canceled. Because you would be part of the canceled culture. Let’s see. Do you have a favorite t shirt? If so what’s on it or what is it say? Your Are you wearing your new shirt? Now this isn’t new. Which one is that? Isn’t my Donkey Kong shirt? Oh, underdog underdog? So did you see I work on my MTV shirt for you. I see see all my MTV Thank you. How Where? To park next time? Peanut Butter wasn’t called peanut butter. What would you call it? nuts spread your nuts is serious. Is cereal soup. Why or why not? Well, I can see the argument for both. I mean, it is a liquid that you can sell with a spoon. Indeed. But, you know, you can eat cereal without the milk. If you’re eating cereal without milk, it’s not real, soupy. No, but if you eat soup without liquid, you’re eating like chicken and fucking and carrot and carrots and, and pasta and it’s not to weed it out. I think. I think the whole question is, should it be his cereal soup? It should be his cereal and milk. Okay, we’ll go with that one. I’ll pull more of these out next time. Oh my god. There’s some good ones in here. I just I think next time we should play cards get entity on the podcast. We can do that. I have a set. I gotta pull my set out. I’ll pull my set out. And we’ll figure out a time to do it. But are we can play Super fight. I don’t know what that is. Super fun is a game where you get cards. Okay, so you get a character? Oh, for instance, you might get Darth Vader. Yeah. Right. with laser vision, the ability to fly. Oh, Jesus. Right. And I would get let’s say, Chuck Norris. Right, right with a chainsaw. Okay. And super strength. Okay. And then we argue about who would win in a fight. Oh, shit, that sounds fun. I’ll have to pick up a deck. He texted me the name of that game. And I will pick up a set of cards for myself. And I was just thinking of card games. Now. Do you remember when we decided to not play Pokemon or any of that shit? And we bought those vampire card games? That was called Jihad masquerade? Yeah, well, Vampire the Masquerade. They changed it to that name. It originally was called jihad. And I have all the Jihad cards. I still have the whole set. Like I have a three ring binder in my storage unit. But I have my playing set. I ran across it not too long ago. That’s what I was just looking for. I think I got it in the other room. And of course, the name Jihad became pretty unpopular after September 11. And that’s about when they changed the name I believe they might have done it before that they changed the name long before that, but I’m talking about a binder that could have been worth a freakin million dollars if it would have been any other game other than that game that fell hugely out of popularity that nobody gives two fucks about if there’s been magic cards right? Why are we never looking? Cuz we got into magic. I got into magic when antiquities came out. right in and I bought a couple boxes actually of antiquity. Did you really? Wow. Yeah, I never got rid of them all years and years ago, right. I know. Some of them are stolen even. I just saw like one of the cards from activity antiquities was going for like $80,000 freakin serious. I mean, that’s my point is like we picked the wrong game to collect cards. Right? Well held on to my magic card, right? Or we should have held on to our original Star Wars figures. Or original GI Joe figure. Well, I have a ton of original Star Wars figures now. But I paid a pretty penny for a lot of them. A lot of them I got actually really good deals on through some auctions, but I have probably more Star Wars stuff now than I think I did when I was a kid. Maybe not quite, but close. I play with a more now. I don’t shoot them with BB guns. This What? I don’t think so. All right, Mr. Jason louhi. Let’s um, Alright, we’ll get caught up and we’ll talk next week. All right. Sounds good. Awesome, brother. Thank you, sir. On again. Oh, wait real quick. Yeah. Shout out to Alicia on her birthday. Yes. Happy birthday. Leisha. I’ve talked to her and texted her like three times today. Give her a call coming for dinner tomorrow night. Oh, good. Tell her I said hello. Maybe I’ll call I will do that. Maybe I’ll call her tomorrow night and she’s over. See? Maybe Lori could do a call together. We’ll do a FaceTime call. We’ll make it. Awesome. I’ll talk. Alright, buddy. Sounds good. Have a good one, buddy. All right. Bye. Bye. Thanks for listening to the Gen X perspective with Tony Randazzo, where we see things a bit differently. Let’s get social. Find us on Facebook by searching Gen X perspective Twitter at Gen X underscore podcast. And on Instagram at Gen X perspective, you can also find us online at Gen X perspective comm and reach out to Tony directly at Tony at Gen X perspective.com. to maybe you can talk strategy on how to beat Super Mario Brothers three. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Gen X perspective wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening