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About Tony!

It’s hard to speak your mind these days. Voicing your opinion inevitably turns into a political debate and there seems to be no middle ground; you are either ultra conservative or a bleeding-heart liberal. As a business owner in a small town, I’ve felt the need to censor all my thoughts.

Sharing my opinion both publicly and privately can hurt business; as if my personal, political, social, environmental, or religious opinions directly effect the taste of the wine customers buy. I’m done staying silent out of fear; it’s time to rant, to discuss, unload, and debate.

Sharing our opinions with others has become a difficult thing to do because we’ve all forgotten how to listen. It’s easy to dismiss the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of others. But instead of dismissing them, we need to practice listening, empathizing, and allowing our own opinions to be challenged. This podcast is a place for us to help each other learn and grow.

I promise to bring an honest, caring, and fair opinion of myself and my guests. I promise to be kind. I promise to not tell you how to think, just to start thinking. Maybe we’ll find that my opinions align with yours. Maybe they’re completely different. Let’s start a discussion or have a colorful debate and learn something about each other.