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Tony Randazzo: It’s hard to speak your mind these days. voicing your opinion is tough and a climate where you’re either seen as an ultra conservative or a bleeding heart liberal. But what about our perspective? What about the Gen X perspective? Hi, I’m Tony a latchkey kid from the 80s and 90s. Now I’m in my 40s wearing cargo shorts, collecting Star Wars figures and reminiscing about the days before my first cell phone. The Gen X perspective as for us caught somewhere in between boomers and Millennials are we see things a bit differently? I’m tired of staying silent. It’s time to rant, discuss a load and debate. You’re in Tony yet his guests as they tackle the topics of Pop Culture, Sports, religion, and yes, even politics. If life’s a Rubik’s Cube, we’ve got the experience to tackle it. Welcome to the Gen X perspective with Tony Randazzo.

Unknown: Hey, how’s everybody doing? So it’s getting to that point where we’re actually starting to get a lot of followers followers, and a lot of people listening to the podcast, when it first started, was mostly people that I knew. So you know, there was kind of this level of just talking to my friends and buddies and acquaintances that knew who I was. So this thing is starting to get a little steam starting to move forward, starting to get some listeners that don’t know who the hell I am, but are, are listening, which is super awesome. And I really appreciate it. So please, you know, you know, hit the share button, hit the like button, you know, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, go to the website, Gen X perspective, Comm. And send me a message through the website. And if you like what you’re hearing, or if you don’t you have some, some opinions or ideas on how I can make it better. might appreciate any feedback at this point. And tell all your friends and relatives and, you know, maybe someday I’ll be famous. I’m already famous in my own mind, but you know, that’s just, you know, that’s just me talking. I think anybody that puts a pair of headphones on and puts a microphone in front of their face and talks to themselves for a half hour to rip already believes that they’re something special. But uh, we’ll get more into that I’m sure it’s another episode. But uh, so lately, it’s been really hard for me to come on and do another episode. So I do apologize for not being consistent. Every week, like I should be, but with everything going on, not only with the pandemic, of course, living in New York State, running a business, all the drama, now we got the holidays. It’s been a crazy whirlwind. Not to mention, I was, I think I mentioned maybe in my last podcast that, uh, dealing with some health issues, whatever, blah, blah, blah, that’s part of being a Gen Xer and getting old shit breaks. And you got to deal with it. So I’ve been the most consistent and I apologize for that kind of right off the bat for what it’s worth. And we’ll do better at trying to be more consistent in my podcasts. Well, and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the podcast, what does it really mean? When I started it? Why did I start it? What I want this thing to be? entertainment? My personal platform to rant? Yes. On both accounts. Was it going to be just about kind of pop culture and fun and the Gen X perspective from a fun, slash? Just kind of nostalgic perspective? Yeah, I think that that’s important. And there’s a lot to talk about there. And that can be woven into any conversation, I suppose. But I think it’s also important to be able to talk about things that I think are important, you know, if I’m going to sit here for a half hour, I want it to be meaningful on some level, you know, and be insightful, maybe educational, God forbid. But I think it’s important to kind of balance it. So I’m just gonna, as usual, just kind of kind of wing it. There’s no real format to the show. I don’t have a co host. I haven’t brought in any any people to interview yet, although I’m gonna do that when I do that. And I’m always looking for some ideas from folks. So if you know somebody that you think would be interesting for me to talk to, I’d love to hear about it. So Again, let me know. But what I do want to talk about is something really interesting. So the whole topic of the entire world right now is vaccine. Yeah. And there’s a whole big thing about how many people are getting infected, yada, yada, yada, and all that stuff. But the vaccine is really taking center stage right now, because it’s right around the corner, this new vaccine. And I’ve been sitting there kind of listening and digesting the talking heads on cable news. And everywhere, frankly, about everybody’s opinion on this whole thing. You know, Dr. Fauci, Governor Cuomo, just a name to Joe Rogan. I mean, I’m just kind of listening to everybody and kind of everybody’s thoughts and opinions on this whole thing. And I started thinking about how I felt about vaccines, I asked my wife about how she felt about it. And I’m just talking to people in general, you know, what their belief and feeling is on this whole thing. And, and at first, I found it really striking that they were able to kind of bang this thing out so quick, right? So we get this COVID-19. And then all of a sudden, within a year, we have a vaccine, Well, shit, if they can figure out how to do that so quick, and how come they can’t do that with everything else that ails us? You know, and I know I’m painting with a broad stroke and a broad brush here, you know, cancer? ALS. Yeah, whatever, how come they can’t figure this shit out? If they can solve a pandemic, and under a year, right? How do they do that? How they come up with it. So I started doing a little bit of research, and oh, my God, I’m probably totally wrong on the information that I found. But there is such a crap ton of stuff out there. You know, the days of going to the library and finding a book, or a newspaper article from some other somewhere, whatever, oh, my God, you know, the amount of data and information out there is overwhelming and who and what do you believe, right? And that’s part of the big problem right now is who and what do you believe? So you have all these people that say, Well, I don’t want Trump’s vaccine. You know, he’s got to be behind it. And I don’t want it. Because it’s Trump’s vaccine. For whatever reason, they don’t trust him. They don’t trust his administration. They think that, you know, they’re bribing whatever, who, for whatever reason, people grew up, there’s a huge segment of our population that are kind of anti vaxxers or untrusting of vaccines. That seems baffling to me personally, for my own personal opinion, because how I grew up now, kind of reminiscing about being a Gen X or is the biggest deal. At the end of summer was my mom always pulling out my backs vaccination record my vaccination card. And I always remember it as a kid, and especially elementary school is a huge deal. She always kept that in my social security card together. And that was like, when she couldn’t find it. It was like the end of the world. And I remember a couple times where I don’t know when she misplaced it or moved it around. And we were getting ready to go to my doctor’s appointment. pediatrician, Dr. posset, all of a sudden, I remember his name out of the blue. I’m sure he’s long since been retired. If I remember, right, I think his son took over his practice in California, but I love that guy, great. pediatric physician, Doc, he was really cool. He was really good to me, I remember I always enjoyed going to see him, you know, and kids usually don’t enjoy going to the doctor, but I’m sure it had some bribery along with, you know, lollipops and some other stuff to get me to go. But it was always it seemed like once a year we would go in maybe it wasn’t that often, but it felt like it and it might have even been more, we would go and mom would bring that card. Make sure all my job vaccinations were up to date. And at some point, I got that shot in your arm that looks like the little circle with 100 needles shoved in it that you know, was kind of your badge of honor or the proof of your vaccines, so to speak, at least that you were on your arm and as a kid, I remember that we used to pretend that those were tattoos or gunshots or, you know, screwing around us kids we who knows what we were thinking about, but it was always kind of a big deal. And everybody’s looked a little bit differently and it was always in your upper left arm. I believe that was a smallpox vaccination. I could be wrong, but I don’t quite remember. But there was kind of your standard mom’s mumps measles. You know, I’m right at the edge there with smallpox and polio. I don’t know if I got a polio vaccine or not. But it was really They’re still giving them in the late 70s or early 70s. If I did my research correctly, and again, I could be totally wrong, but it was a big deal, you had to have all your vaccines, your vaccinations had to be all current or you couldn’t go to school. So if I’m thinking that correctly, so the majority of the kids that I went to school with our vaccinated now, maybe there was a handful of kids that didn’t have vaccines for medical reasons, I suppose. But I don’t know if it was very popular for religious beliefs, or any of that stuff at the time. I don’t know if that held water at the time with the school systems, I don’t remember. But I would assume that most of the kids all we were all, you know, had a good old dose of whatever flowing through our bodies to keep us all healthy. And, and that was just kind of the norm. It was the norm in my brain growing up didn’t know any better. It seemed like commonplace, at least in the little bit of research that I did that 94.7% of all kids in the year 2015 were vaccinated. And only in really odd, what they were calling opt out clusters, certain neighborhoods, areas, towns, where it was gaining steam, were they finding kind of these clusters back and we’re talking, you know, this is only six years ago now. Where they were kind of starting to see seeing clusters of anti vaxxers. And I experienced that myself, thinking about it again and talking to my wife a little bit. So, you know, vaccines commonplace, you just go get your vaccines, whatever and never thought much about it. So the first time I got any pushback on a vaccine was with my daughter. So as she was growing up and kind of gotten to that pre teen age, in the the HPV deal was really big. There were commercials for it, it was on TV, it was out there, you know, you had to go get the shot, yada, yada, yada. And I thought, Well, yeah, okay, well make a doctor’s appointment and send her and her mom said, No, she wanted to do that. And I thought that that was really, um, it was kind of my first experience in that, getting any pushback on a vaccine, it just seemed normal to me that you would just go do that. So that was my first kind of experience in somebody saying no, about it, which kind of caught me off guard at the time. It wasn’t the end of the world. And I don’t know if she ever ended up getting it or not, I can’t remember. But it is what it is. So there were and are people out there that aren’t big fans, for whatever reason they research. I know, there was some weird stuff going on that they were actually causing autism in kids was one of the things that were floating around the internet, factual or not, I have no idea, nor would I ever be able to comment on that with any sort of authority. But I remember that that was kind of one of the things that was being disputed, and I think disproved pretty clearly from if memory serves me, right. But uh, yeah, elementary school, you wanted to go you had to get your vaccines and you had to get a shot. What I’m finding out interesting now currently about people, and this whole vaccine thing is even people of my own generation that are kind of like yeah, vaccine sure ticket are like, well, I don’t know, man, this thing was developed really quickly. How could they do that? Is it really safe, long term effects? The stuff that they just, they still can’t answer those questions right now. So I started digging into it a little bit because I got curious is like, Okay, how did they come up with this so quickly? I mean, seriously, you know, takes years and years and years normally to get vaccine approved, much less figure one out. How did they do this? So in my layman’s very basic search, I found that they had already had a vaccine and kind of had a head start from SARS back in oh two. So apparently it falls kind of under the same camp or something along that so I’m going to describe this more of an abstract way, because I really don’t want to screw the data up and give you the wrong information. But basically, because the novel coronavirus, similar viruses have come up over the years, they had basically a basic blueprint already figured out, and we’re able to essentially take the DNA or the proteins of it or, you know, kind of the genetic code of COVID-19, and kind of plug it into this virus that they already are vaccine that they already had. And that’s how they were able to get a huge jumpstart there, they already done a bunch of research on kind of the the basic version of COVID-19, or COVID. And that’s kind of a real basic understanding that I got out of it was, they had basically, they’ve already seen versions of this in different formats, and already kind of got a head start from there. And that’s how they were able to act so much quicker, then, then normal, I guess, from starting from scratch when they had nothing. So that is kind of what I found out in my my history. So with all of that. It really got interesting talking to people. So I got all these people around me that say yes, I’m going to take it in or no, I’m going to wait. And then we have the entire population in general. So the talking heads getting back to the talking heads on television, which just infuriate me lately is and they start talking about all these percentages of people that aren’t going to take it and they aren’t going to take it and why the hell are we believing or even listening to any of them because they’re all on television, getting ratings. And if any of you out there thinking that these guys on television or have one original thought in their head, it that’s all BS. It’s all about ratings. It’s all about cable television. And, you know, I’m nobody right now. So I can stay say stuff like this and probably not get myself in too much trouble. But really seriously, I mean, I was listening to one of the broadcasters a few nights ago and literally his opening monologue at seven o’clock at night, or whatever it was six o’clock at night, you would have thought the freakin world was coming to an end, like grandstanding over the top bullshit that was coming out of their mouths about everything that doesn’t matter. So by the time you get done listening to that guy, if you listen to him every night and no other news source, you would be in big freakin trouble, you’d be an absolute train wreck. And I think it’s a damn shame that people aren’t reporting news. They’re reporting. And, you know, they’re entertainers. They’re entertaining us, they’re, you know, they’re playing on our fears in our confusion, and we’ve seen that in its most unfortunate form since this whole thing started. Now granted, it’s been going on way longer than that, but boy, it’s been front and center. Since you know, May of this year my god every single night now. I try to do everybody little justice and try to listen to both sides. And I try to stay kind of in the middle of on both sides. So that I feel like I get, you know, slanted a little bit left slanted a little bit right. And you know, I can kind of form a decent, well rounded opinion, that’s gonna land somewhere in there somewhere. And even that is getting harder and harder anymore because these these reporters are painful to listen to. And then of course, is there an air truth somewhere mixed in shore? Is there a lot of stuff going on in our country right now that gives them a lot of good ammunition and stuff to talk about that can get us all riled up? Sure. is are they a huge piece of the problem making our country and our divides even worse? Sure. I believe they are and that’s really where my opinion starts to come in. So these guys, they’re grandstanding. I’m thinking they’re getting paid to do it. I mean, you know, they’re there. It’s their job. Right or wrong, you know? You know, so you got Lester Holt. He’s on television. You got fox and friends on the mornings on Fox News, you got Joe Rogan running a podcast everybody has, you know, has a stake in their own game, right or wrong. You know, somebody might say, well, Joe Rogan’s in full control of his podcast and everything, he says that he’s not controlled by anybody. He actually says that. And that’s a statement that he’s made multiple times. You can choose to believe that or not. He’s very successful in what he does. He is a celebrity. He’s out there, people know who he is, people, you know, listen to him. And his opinions, which he is the first one, by the way to admit when he changes that, and he often does, after challenging and listening to people that he’s interviewing in his world. But then you got people like, you know, I mean, just go down the list. I keep thinking of Lester Holt, but you got him. And then you got the fox commentary, guys. And you got, I mean, seriously, it gets, you know, they’re working for big corporations, they’re getting paid. They’re not writing their own script. And if they are, they’re just, they’re playing within a framework that they’re allowed to play in. And they’re selling ratings seriously. You know, big time, Evening News. You know, it’s interesting, I watched Sunday morning, on TV this morning, Sunday morning. And I always find that show really fascinating, because although they do tend to lean left, their stories or our stories, they’re human interest pieces, they’re about people. They tend to less about news and more about people and things. And they do tend to focus on topics of the day. So you know, a lot of ethnic diversity recently, because of you know, the Black Lives Matter movement, and some of that stuff, the pandemic stuff, of course, they’ll pick up and talk about, but not kind of an hardline news source, but more of an educator, almost like PBS almost like an information kind of kind of way. So they make it entertaining. So you sit there for an hour, and you watch four or five different information pieces, and I’ve always gotten at least some good nuggets out of that show every week of an interesting person that makes me want to go do more research about them or their cause or what they’re doing. So I guess they’re more or less news, more entertainment, I guess. But, you know, you watch some of these Fox commentary, guys that are wicked crazy, right? You know, trumpers, or, you know, Trump forever guys, or this whole election bullshit. And is it real or rigged? It may very well be, but we’re never going to find the truth out. Because the, if there are people that are doing it, they’re doing it to not get caught so seriously. I mean, Trump may absolutely be right. But he, he didn’t even know that his resources can’t seem to be able to prove it. So let’s get over it and kind of move on and see what we can do to get through another four years. And just like I’ve talked about in other podcasts, you know, the day after the election, Biden, presumptive next president in the world didn’t end and I’m guessing that a next month after the first of the year after the 20th, we’ll wake up in the morning. And it’ll just be another day. And there’ll be somebody different in the White House and there won’t be as many tweets, at least from him. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Donald Trump yet but uh huh. Maybe they won’t give him as much time or attention or energy but who knows the guy is got quite a following like him or hate him. He there are a lot of people out there millions in fact that really like him and like what he stands for, and I find myself more in the middle there are certain things that I do align with, but at the same time, not all of it and and I’m the first to say that, you know, Wow, man, that guy’s does say some pretty crazy shit and goes off the deep end there and sometimes can’t get out of his own way and that, you know, arguably could be his biggest downfall but I’m not an advisor. I’m a nobody. I’m sure he doesn’t care what a Tony Randazzo or his Gen X perspective have to say about it. Not one little bit, but I do know one thing that I can’t Imagine that he had enough, Paul, or enough anything to control or to influence this vaccine in any way. I know, his dream of all dreams was to have the vaccine, you know, being distributed in in people’s arms before the election. And that didn’t happen, which leads me to believe that the manufacturers of these vaccines, although there is huge, huge money, billions of dollars tied into them, that they’re not being influenced, I don’t believe, I gotta believe that. I mean, if they are my God, I mean, really, it’s the world that bad, I can’t believe it is I gotta believe that there is still enough people out there that have a moral compass that would point them in the right direction, and that we don’t have any problems with that. Now, the in they’re the first to tell you that they haven’t had this vaccine forever. And long term effects, they say are fairly unlikely, but they have even vocalized that, you know, they don’t know long term, 510 20 years down the road, if there’s any adverse effects from taking it. On, they say that it’s very unlikely, of course, but um, you know, I think that they’ve been pretty transparent. And that, I’m pretty certain that I’m not going to hesitate to take the vaccine, when it gets to my demographic, or however, they figure out when the rest of us after health care and elderly and all the important people with, you know, that are working with the public get taken care of when it gets down to the common folk. I don’t think I’m gonna hesitate to take it, at least at this point. But other people in my family and my circle, and people I know, at least at this point, have said, Yeah, no, I don’t think I’m going to take it, you know, I’m unsure about that. I’m uncomfortable with it. I don’t think that that’s something I want to do right away, I’m gonna wait. And maybe those are the people that will emerge as an affected and when the rest of us turn into zombies from taking it. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out after they start giving it to folks, it is, you know, I think we’ve all watched far too many sci fi movies where everybody goes and takes the medicine to make them healthy. And it turns them into walking zombies or the walking dead to many shows, it all sits in the back of your head subconsciously and makes you a bunch of freaks and believe crazy things. But we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, that won’t happen. But you never know. So I’ll let you know. I’ll be the first to get on here before I totally turn into a zombie to say, well, you were right. And it is what it is. So I don’t know. But this whole one crazy politics thing. And in the media, and I do find it really fascinating that boy, the media is pretty nasty, too. And has been to Trump. And you know what, he probably deserves it because he’s pretty nasty to them, but to listen to them talk to Joe Biden, why is it so different? Like, there’s not even like a common ground, like they haven’t even challenged the guy on you know, his policy, and maybe he doesn’t have his feet under him yet enough to do it. And I hope that they do kind of swing back around and say, Hey, you know, how do you actually feel about x? And, you know, you know, here’s your record, because you’ve been in politics for I don’t know, like, a million years. And now you’re saying why, and, and how come you know, and I would hope that he would say, Well, you know, things change, and this is why and be able to explain himself. I know that usually if my opinion changes, there was a reason for it, whatever it is, and that they would start to challenge him on at least his his presidency and what he’s going to be doing. I mean, you know, he’s supposed to be representing all of us. And he said that he’s going to be the the people’s president. So we’ll see, I guess, I’m going to have faith that we will continue on and things will be good, and it’ll all be okay. Like it has my entire life with every president. But, you know, five minutes before I started this podcast, of course, ran across an article popped up on my phone about our governor in New York Governor Cuomo, talking about taxes going up if he doesn’t get federal aid for the state. So all these stimulus packages and he’s been on the news since day one talking about how he needed some a ton of money from the feds to kind of write the ship in New York State. His latest thing as is that he’s going to start raising taxes, he did say on the wealthiest New Yorkers, but don’t kid yourself, like, taxes are going to go up. And he’s gonna, he’s got to get the money from somewhere. So you start giving money away for free for services for people that are suffering and hurting because of the pandemic, or for whatever reason, they get their money back, they either get it back and taxes are taxes at the end of the year, our tax bills, sales tax, whatever tax, you know, the smartest thing that they can do in New York State is, you know, legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it, and you want to smoke weed, pay the tax. And maybe they can make up some money that way. I don’t know why they don’t do that at this point. I know the governor’s talks about it year after year after year, and I’d be one of the first ones to get in line and open a dispensary and then go for it. Right or wrong? I think it’s, you know, decriminalize it, and let’s get all those pot smokers out of jail because they’re such a danger and kind of move forward. So figure out ways to generate more tax instead of just taxing us to death. Already. People are moving out of New York State like crazy because of taxes. And, you know, our Governor’s if you agree with them or not, or like him or not during this pandemic, has he done a good job? Hasn’t he done a good job, but you know, it’s really split people either like him or they hate him. I think he’s done probably the best job he could do with the tools that he had, you know, my liquor license is tied to him and the state. And, you know, we’ve been able to run our business and stay open for us. Fortunately, we’re not we’re not in an industry that’s been pounded like, I don’t know, bars and restaurants, although we haven’t been affected because of them, because we are tied to them quite closely. But you know, we’re not a gym. And, you know, not a yoga studio. Yeah, yoga studios are basically closed. For the most part with they fall under gyms. From what I understand. And the governor’s I mean, some businesses just decimated, decimated, decimated because of this thing. And that’s where I kind of tie back to if you’re looking to generate more money to help the state, right, the ship, man, let’s, you know, ratchet it up, pull that book out that says, marijuana law, and let’s pass it and get moving, dude, it’s the easiest way to make some money quick. And you know, maybe it’ll come your population in New York State down Cuomo, Mr. Governor, make life a little bit easier. I don’t know, again, just my opinion, I believe that our state is going to legalize marijuana, there’s pretty good indication that it’s actually going to happen this year. And there could be a lot of good tax benefits for the state because of it. And that may take the burden off of the citizens of the state that really can’t afford to pay any more anything because of this whole pandemic. And again, getting back to the governor liking him or hating him agreeing with him or not. The decisions he’s made, have affect everybody’s lives in different ways. So, you know, grocery stores, especially maybe local grocery stores have done in theory really well. And maybe that’s because people are hoarding or maybe it’s because they’re cooking more at home, because restaurants are not the most popular to go to or even open based on whatever the governor is doing or whatever county or zip code you’re in. And, but yet, hair salons, gyms, yoga studios, dancing classes, anywhere where people interact as humans, concerts, musicians, good lord and go down the list of people that their jobs literally evaporated overnight, and have stayed that way now for you know, whatever, we’re going on eight, nine months now. And and there’s like, it’s like, we’re talking. They’re talking and you know, depending on which talking head on the news you listen to they say life isn’t gonna get back to normal till, you know, I’ve heard as early as May March, as late as a fall of next year. So it’s kind of all over the board. For whatever reason, I guess it depends on who you listen to and whatever matrix or whatever they’re looking at is the projections of people that are getting the shots. You know, getting getting the vaccines and moving on with their lives and how you know, our neighboring states etc, etc, and health. returns back to normal. I don’t quite understand, you know, the algorithm there how that works. But I’m sure that that’s why the numbers are different depending on who gets on the news and talks about it. But I’m hopeful that by next summer, that we’re looking at something that looks a little more like 2019 instead of 2020. I’m hoping, no, I think we all are, we’d like to see things kind of get back to what they need to swing and see businesses open and people start getting back to normal. And what we don’t understand and what what kind of worries me more than anything, really is, how long is it going to take to normalize? So okay, so let’s say tomorrow, they say, Okay, we have the vaccine, everybody can open back up. Life returns to normal. I mean, I’m when I say that, I mean, the laws returned to normal businesses can run, you know, they’re not being told every week that they can not have people in there can or whatever. And we kind of return to pre pandemic kind of levels of normal. How long as it can be before things return to normal on a real level. So if the appearance is that we don’t have to wear masks anymore, or let’s say, and our bars and gyms can open up and run normal hours, that’s great and fine. But when we get to the other side of this, how many restaurants are left? How many bars are left? How many gyms are still open? How many people have filed for bankruptcy or closed their businesses? You know, how many people are wicked in debt? Because they borrowed during the pandemic to stay open? And what are the how did those pieces factor into what is normal at the other end of this? And those are the things that always kind of worry, or that do worry me is? What does this thing actually look like? On the other side? You know, that’s what worries me personally, more than anything, as you know, we’re getting we’ve spent a year of getting beat up financially, emotionally, physically, on all these levels, and, you know, there can be some long standing effects financially and emotionally because of that. And what’s the plans to really fix that now, I don’t believe personally in the government just handing out money. But if the government is going to say, hey, you mister gym owner now can’t operate your gym, because I say so. I’m the governor. And I’m now saying that you know, gyms are closed, can’t operate. I think that there’s the responsibility of the government that’s made that decision to subsidize that business until things return to normal, it wasn’t their fault that they started a gym, they didn’t start a high risk business where the likelihood that they would get closed was any great didn’t that didn’t that risk didn’t even exist. But the government chose to close that sector of, of the economy or that business? Well, I think that they should be responsible for funding those employees and that owner, and I’m not talking to make a million dollars, and, you know, for them to hit a Grand Slam home run, the government’s gonna pay for everything. But if the government says you can’t open your doors and generate any revenue, they should at least cover the bare minimums including the payroll of your employees that at a good faith you hired, and we’re working for you until things return to normal or they go find another job somewhere else. And, you know, it’s just my opinion, you know, again, government decides, you know, they’re gonna step in overreach under reach, whatever you want to call it, or not call it and they want to have an opinion and they want to control your business, prevent you from operating it, then they need to subsidize you for that inconvenience. Because this was not your fault. You didn’t cause the pandemic, this was of no fault of your own. Now, if you started a business during the pandemic, and knew that you had a, there’s a good likelihood that something may happen. Well, maybe that’s a different discussion, but I mean, you’re splitting hairs at that point. So I really feel horrible for my brothers and sisters out there that are running businesses that reduced capacity or closed. It sets a hard deal. Um, you know, we’re in the wine business and run a winery and We have more than one location, we were forced to close a location that was in a mall. Our other location was more of a lounge. So it was more like a bar, that store didn’t make even close to what it normally would in a summer. And then our regular farm location where we normally just do tastings and, and run our business, we were able to keep our heads above water there now. And I consider myself super fortunate that we were able to do that, in the same breath, say that I had to close the location and walk away from it. And that we didn’t do half as much business as we normally do at one of our locations, because we’re set up more like a bar. And we couldn’t have literally anybody in the damn building because of the reduced amount of people and six feet separation and, you know, all the rules and laws in New York State around people and food and drinking. And, you know, it was pretty complex deal there. So we weren’t able to have a lot of people in there at any given time. And, you know, people didn’t want to wait in line outside or whatever they want to move on with their lives. And there wasn’t as many customers around and it was what it was. So it didn’t do very well. But other places got just beat up on a level that is just staggering. A lot of the restaurants and other businesses that maybe didn’t have big outdoor seating areas, or patios or the ability to put people outside. I mean, so many restaurants, and businesses have gone under this summer because of the pandemic and the rules that were put into place. Or just because of the pandemic. People aren’t out eating in restaurants as much, they’re not being social as much because of this whole thing going on too. So, you know, okay, you can only have a certain capacity in your restaurant, but yeah, only a certain sector of the public is even coming out to get anything to eat. You’re kind of screwed, and it gets tough, even with takeout. You know, we all try to do our part and order takeout food and help those restaurants and those people out but man, holy crap. It’s not easy. It’s really tough. And remember those folks this time of year that uh, you know, they’re struggling through so we got to get to the other side of this and then we got to get to the other side of that, which is really getting things back to normal. So it’s good to be back. If you like what you’re hearing please. You know, follow me where you get your podcasts and check out the website. Gen X perspective comm if you want to send me an email, you can send it through the website or send me an email directly at Tony at Gen X perspective, comm or leave me a message on Facebook or Twitter or wherever you like. Thanks for listening. You guys have a wonderful week and I look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks for listening to the Gen X perspective. But Tony Randazzo, where we see things a bit differently. Let’s get social. Find us on Facebook by searching Gen X perspective, Twitter, at Gen X underscore podcast and on Instagram at Gen X perspective. You can also find us online at Gen X perspective.com. 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