“Class War” With the shot and those without the shot!

In this episode, Jason and I literally cover everything from Xbox and PlayStation 5 drops and the challenges in trying to get those consuls with the superconductor shortage the conspiracy behind the government raising the gas price so that more people start to go out and buy themselves an electric car to be able to afford to drive around and how this whole crazy Covid thing with a mask or not mask shot or no shot is actually creating a whole new class system in our country! those with the vaccine and those without, boy we could really get into some controversial stuff here. We also touched on cryptocurrency and what that’s all about and just like all good things Jason and I can’t go through an entire conversation without talking about movies or music as well so sit back relax and enjoy.

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It’s hard to speak your mind these days. voicing your opinion is tough and a climate where you’re either seen as an ultra conservative or a bleeding heart liberal. But what about our perspective? What about the Gen X perspective? Hi, I’m Tony a latchkey kid from the 80s and 90s. Now I’m in my 40s wearing cargo shorts, collecting Star Wars figures and reminiscing about the days before my first cell phone. The Gen X perspective as for us caught somewhere in between boomers and Millennials are we see things a bit differently? I’m tired of staying silent. It’s time to rant, discuss, unload and debate. Join Tony and his guests as they tackle the topics of Pop Culture, Sports, religion, and yes, even politics. If life’s a Rubik’s Cube, we’ve got the experience to tackle it. Welcome to the Gen X perspective with Tony Randazzo. Hey, guys, this is john. And I’m Frank from the basement search. You may have heard of us. We started off slow in season one. COVID tried to stop us in season two, but Frank’s too stubborn for that. And now we’re back in season three, doing what we do best coming to you from the basement in Brooklyn, New York, where general discussion comedy podcast that talks about anything and everything. Video games, movies, growing up in New York City, and being a dad to name a few. We also do a live show every Wednesday night at 9pm. Eastern all over social media and run a YouTube channel. So don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell. We put out some great content on YouTube, like let’s play series, where we play a specific game. Every week. The podcast is available on all podcasting platforms. You can reach all of our links at streamer links.com slash basement search, come listen to us and feel the search. turned up the volume, the volume. And now from Brooklyn, New York. This is a basement search waiting German. What is Gen X? What is the silent generation? What do generations have in common? Hi, I’m Trish the dish from the genix voice podcast and I invite you to listen to conversations I have with folks from different generations, backgrounds, beliefs and experiences in an attempt to see what connects rather than divides us. Even though Gen X has been called slackers, Karen’s are not mentioned at all. In some cases, we are the bridge generation. So I feel compelled to do my part to destroy ageism by bringing all these voices together. And as a bonus, each guest gets to answer some 80s questions at the end of each show. So download and listen to genix voice today on Apple, Spotify, Amazon or wherever you listen to podcasts. And let’s see how much we have in common after all. What’s going on, brother? How are you? Good. Yeah, how was your week? It was a good week. Had birthday dinner with Alicia on Monday. Yeah, she told me. I talked to her yesterday. Got my Xbox series X on Thursday. Finally, did you get it in one of the drops? Or what do you have to do it? Yeah. This app. Yeah. That sends you notifications when businesses get certain products in? Yeah. Which so I’ve been running relying on Twitter. There’s a couple of people on Twitter that do the same thing, basically. And yes, I was I was doing Twitter. Yeah. No. App worked really well. It’s called hot stock. Yeah. And you set it up to send you notifications when what you’re looking for in stock and it tells you all the businesses where it’s at how much is and everything in like super live so that you don’t miss out on the drop. Yeah, it sent me a notification and two seconds later I was at gamestop and had it ordered and out the door. No shit. What was it called again? what’s hot stock. I got to do that now we’re all forget. So I you know, I’ve had my Xbox. I got it before Christmas. I got lucky I just done a drop wasn’t paying attention and just was screwing around. literally like, Oh, I wonder if I can get it because I just randomly had my phone in my hand when one of the drops happened. click through and it went, you know, pick up at Target this afternoon. I was like, no way. And I got it, and I love it. So I’ve been trying to get a PlayStation because I haven’t had a PlayStation since like play based and two, maybe one. I don’t remember it’s been a long fucking time. But um, so I’ve been trying No shit every week, I get closer to getting it actually, this week, I got it in my cart. And then it spun out. And I was some of the tips and tricks about stay. Don’t refresh once you hit this certain point, even though they say they’re sold out because it’ll stay in your cart. And then you’ll be like the first one when they when they adjust the inventory 10 minutes later. So I got to the second phase, and it went in my cart. And I hit you know, apply the pay basically it because it was there. And I got to that and they had a bit the store because it was Best Buy. And I hit the button and it spun out and then kicked me out. Like Fuck, the week before. Same thing I didn’t get quite as far the week before but I got I think that was was target’s drop two weeks ago. And I didn’t get it. I got close on that one too. I got close on a Best Buy drop. And I’m close. I’ve been close. So close Microsoft. Yeah. And no, I’m obsessed with getting one that I probably don’t need to spend the money on. Right. reading an article that they’re releasing it updated version and about a year of the PlayStation. Yeah. Well, yeah, there because of the semiconductor shortage, they were talking about redoing something in it, to give them more whatever. And Apple I think that’s why Apple honestly came out with the M one chip on all their stuff because of relying on Intel, etc, etc. They’re just doing their own proprietary shit so that they can control his warehouses in the factories. You know, I was reading an article about how that chip shortage is affecting the American auto industry. Yeah, wicked used cars. Holy shit. Throw up like 30 or 40 new cars they have. Ford has 45,000 f150 is sitting waiting for a tip seriously. And they said by the end of the year, they’re gonna be looking at 230,000 cars. The same? They’re all in that boat. Yeah, I had been reading something similar in which has caused the used car market to just go bonkers because of the shortages in cars used and new. So I sold I had a 2000 what was a 20,018? Jeep Rubicon that I had been banging around in for about a year, two years, year and a half. And maybe it was an 18. But whatever is still basically brand new low miles, you know, I hadn’t, you know, I haven’t been hanging out with Judd. So it didn’t get super offloaded and banged crap, and it was still in pretty good shape. And I had a hard top soft top for it. And it was right. Right. I want to say right when my wife and I got back from Florida a year ago. So right before the pandemic really hit I had or no, I let me take that back. It was when we it sat. It was it was right after the lockdown when all the car dealerships closed for 90 days. And they were kind of the first to reopen. It was right after that I sold that used and I got stupid money for it. I mean, for a used car, I paid off the remainder payment and like 10 grand. I mean, it was stupid money that they gave me for the car. If I were to hold on to it now I’d probably walked away with 20 grand cash and still paid it off. Because they’re so desperate I’ve gotten within the last three weeks. No less than three or four letters in the mail from dealerships around town that you know, they pulled DMV records and obviously everything hasn’t updated yet. And they’ve been sending me letters saying they want to buy my car. We’ll give you a top dollar we’ll give you whatever you want. Just sell it to us. And yeah, no shit, stupid, stupid. And it’s all over the semiconductor chip crap, I think for sure. And then you know, and then everything gets backed up in inventory, right so all the cars got backed up and they got behind on everything. And now They’re just scrambling around. And I did learn something today. I mean, I guess I kind of knew it. I’m stretching to grab something. But I did not realize that this has become a collector’s item on a monumental scale where she let me get her ins focus whoops I gotta get her back here Who is it? Is that Cara Dune? Haha they didn’t realize they pulled the her action figures from other stores. And I wish this one was still in the damn package all of a sudden now but yeah, you can’t get her I think I might I got a double check. I might have a second one of her cuz I ended up with a couple duplicate songs and stuff but I got a check at work in a box. If I have her box is the drops you they drop you Holy crap, like deleted you totally. And apparently there’s been some blowback I was reading an article today about her. whatever his name is gryllus. Bear Grylls is the adventure guy that takes now he takes freakin famous people out in the woods and tortures them and makes them drink their own pee and eat maggots or whatever he does. She had done a recording with him and hadn’t aired yet. And they told him and his production team, whatever, hey, we’re not going to release this episode. You know, we’ve basically deleted this woman from our, you know, from our catalog, and he went to bat for and they’re gonna air the episode. And he basically said, you’re gonna air it and she didn’t do anything wrong. And you guys are crazy and whatever, which I thought was really surprising because most people just put their heads down and just kind of Hope it all goes away because she decided to get he’s got a rough cloud, he hasn’t got enough clout and and that’s stirred up a bunch of crap, of course, because somebody is actually standing up for it. And I listened to an interview with her today, because now I went down that rabbit hole. And you know, I passively paid attention to it, you know, it’s like, Okay, what did you know? What did she say stupid that they decided they needed to delete her from everything. So you know, kind of went back and was paying attention to it, and then listen to an article or she was on a she was doing a live or a video interview. And she was kind of explaining herself now after all this has transpired. And she’s done with Disney and all this stuff. And it was really fascinating. She actually sat down with the head, like the two head people of the LGBTQ kind of the action group or whatever that kind of represents them and deals with people or issues in regards to people saying stupid shit, or when they’re basically the spokespeople that kind of go in and I don’t know, troubleshooter sit down with to get the story, my guess. So Disney early on, brought them in to meet with her. And she agreed. And I guess during the course of that conversation now granted all hearsay from her was that they basically said, Yeah, you just got wrapped up in this kind of. It’s not that you know, the canceled culture kind of thing. And we realize, you obviously don’t feel that way. And this was based on a tweet that she made where she put some stupid comment. It wasn’t even a comment. It wasn’t real words. It was like boppity booty or something stupid at the end of her Twitter handle or her Twitter, where her her bio is or something. And it was in contrast to some comment about what were they saying that she was she was under pressure to write her bio a certain way, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And she said, No, I’m gonna write it the way I want and put what I want in there. And she basically just did what they said, but she added this stupid little moniker at the end. And somehow that turned into this whole thing that she was a hate monger and crazy and hated LGBTQ community blah blah blah It was really crazy story that see how that rabbit hole from a person’s perspective that seemingly Okay, yes, she’s a Republican. Yes, she’s on the conservative end, but seems like you know, pretty well, just a normal person. That just they decided to target at least from her explanation of it. And it was really, really fascinating to see how that shit can spin out of control and take you down a notch or ruin your whole life or make it impossible to work or holy crap. I couldn’t imagine being under being targeted like that. If you deserved it or not, is irrelevant. I mean, just if that happened, Holy smokes, that would blow. So yeah, I really liked her too and Mandalorian that just bums me out. She’s a good damn character. And her the whole thing was that the Star Wars fandom in the Mandalorian fandom didn’t weren’t the ones that were having the issue with this whole thing like, maybe they thought, well, that’s kind of inappropriate, but we love her character and that’s what we’re here for. And it turned into something obviously different because they’re, they don’t really the way things are so heated right now and so hyper everything, you know, whatever. But yeah, crazy. That that’s, that’s what I did today amongst other stupid things. Went down a rabbit Twitter rabbit hole for a while and realized I had a really cool toy on my shelf, that’s probably worth I don’t know, double what I paid for it. So maybe it’s worth 40 bucks now. Right? So yeah. So yeah, you saw my text from the stupid cards that I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on so that we can so that we can fight the super fight. So what we’re gonna do, folks, because we do have Jace, by the way, I haven’t told you. So on my podcast right now, I checked it today, because I try not to check my, my stats is what they call them. So it’s, you know, people listen and win and bla bla bla bla bla. So I checked it today. And I’m I’m almost a 900 downloads, people listening and our two episodes that are last two that we’ve done together. Collectively, we’re at like, 60 or 70 downloads, which in the podcast world, for some people, that’s huge. For some people. That’s nothing for me. I’m pretty impressed. And so people are listening to us. And so it’s the first time ever anybody’s listening. Yeah, why not be totally fuckin annoyed. monumental level. But. So, yeah, so a lot of people listen to us. So what we’re going to be doing is, Jason told me to buy these cards or get these cards called What was it? What’s it called, again? Super fight, super fight. So I went, and I figured, okay, kind of like Cards Against Humanity, they probably got a couple expansion decks, whatever, and I get on Amazon, and holy crap. So I buy the starter deck, put that in my little shopping cart. And then I start scrolling through all the decks. So the nerd Deck, the sci fi Deck, the horror Deck, the the sci fi nerd deck, super villains deck. I mean, I could have bought probably another 20. I think about four. Which would be pretty entertaining if this game is exactly what I think it is. And it basically is a game that somebody must have invented by listening to us in the 90s sitting in Denny’s arguing about really stupid shit. I mean, that’s what it sounds like it is it’s exactly what it is. And I figured that we’ll do like a Thursday night, or we’ll pick a night. And we’ll do it. And with we figured this whole thing out with with E cam and streaming, I think we should do it live because I can push it to my Facebook page and then share it to yours. And we can go live with it. And people can actually watch this plant this game live and they can comment and you’d actually be able to see the comments. They’ll come up on your feed like they do on mine. And then we can put the comments up and we can read them and I just realized your name isn’t on. Why is your net then we can have people who are watching vote su NZ. Oh yeah, that’s right. We can totally do that. So we talked about we texted earlier. Are we in tension to my handy other things that we might talk about? Yeah, just so we can get past Cards Against hearing cards and then I get Tawny Catania, you weren’t a fan, obviously of Whitesnake, but we’ll talk about that. That’s just horrible. I don’t believe that you weren’t a fan of hers. You weren’t really didn’t have a poster on your wall? No, not really. No, I had you probably had a poster like Einstein on your wall not tiny contain I had when I was younger, I had a faucet and a bunch of movie posters. I did have Farrah Fawcett. I had a Farrah Fawcett. a pillowcase? I don’t know. It’s creepy. I don’t know who gave it to me. I mean, obviously, that’s creepy. And it was silk or satin. It was Yeah, I’m not pleading my case. Right. Well, I know but so for years I had that my tree in middle school. I had all these movie posters on my wall. Yeah. Okay, that if I would have known would have never gone on the wall but I’ve gone into storage, because I had jaws like Close Encounters et Wow. And, you know, x caliber posters that are thought of Monday night. Well yeah, stuff like we talked about last week like original Star Wars stuff when we were kids, I mean things that we just ended up I don’t even know where all that crap ended up really. What I do have I just ran across it again is my dad when I was a kid, so we’re talking circa 1979. Starting there, probably through like a baby. I’ve 86 he was traveling all the time when I was little. And, and every time he went out of town when he went to New Town, new city when he was doing all the, when he was traveling a lot, he would come home with a baseball pendant from wherever he was. So you know, Red Sox, the Marlins, maybe Marlins, just I have a box full of probably 25 or 30 pendants. Now those pendants are not in mint condition. They’re not trashed, but like they were stapled to the wall. So like the tips are ripped on some of them and right, because they were stapled on my bedroom wall is how I put them up because I was a little kid, you know, whatever figuring it out. But I mean, I’m probably 25 or 30 of them. And I haven’t checked to see what the value on. Some of those are. I mean, some of the teams don’t even exist anymore. Or the names have changed. I mean, some of that kind of stuff. We’re talking again, we’re going back early 80s. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t have any idea what that stuff could be worth if anything other than it was really neat to see that and pull it out was like, Oh, my God, look at this was really cool. And the other thing that I can’t find in the last in the last house that Laurie and I were in Oregon. I don’t know if you remember in the garage, because we’re adults. We took all of the heavy metal posters. I think they were all Lori’s maybe one of them was mine. But they were they were originals from the correct time period. They weren’t remakes. And we had them on the ceiling. Do you remember that? I don’t know if you remember that. Those are somewhere in a box or rolled up in a tube somewhere. I can’t find them. Not that I have anywhere for them. But I’m really curious to go back and look at them because some of that stuff. I mean, I think there was Metallica, of course and a big giant Iron Maiden thing. My Grateful Dead flag that I’ve had in my bedroom since I was a single kid in Oregon is actually in my room. I don’t have it on the wall. It’s actually filled it up. But I still carry it around and have it still somewhere have my hulkamania bandana. Nice. That’s awesome. So yeah, talk about old stuff that I still have. And then all the old stuff that I’ve been collecting, which I showed you a few weeks ago around this room, but oh my god. So before I set up this office and all my stuff, Laurie had been buying me random things like especially at Christmas and stuff she’d always be looking for. she’d give me like a Star Wars Lego set, like a little tiny, you know, little tiny boxes and just little like stocking stuffers. And so all that stuff kind of got just either ended up in a box, I never opened it or whatever, just kind of forgot about it over them. We’re talking over 10 years, just got randomly put in different places. And every time I’ve been running across this stuff, I keep bringing it in here. So today was Yeah, thing. Yeah, so I have one she gave me like three years ago. And it’s a Lilo and Stitch stitch. And it’s a super rare one apparently. That’s like highly coveted. It’s been sitting in a cupboard. I forgot about it. And I remember her telling me at the time that it was this kind of rare pop in it because it was a glittery Bluth instead of regular blue or whatever. It was a very limited edition that she ended up getting a hold of. And I thought it was cool at the time and off it went into a cupboard and hadn’t seen the light of day until today. And I brought it in here and I’m like, Whoa, we’re not gonna stick that since this room is full. So I kind of spot on the shelf behind me Actually, it’s you can kind of see over my shoulder you can see the Mandalorian little dude back there on my shelf. And he’s radiata Yeah, baby Yoda and he’s right above it. Of course, it’s out a filter. I kind of see it. Yeah, and kind of see it back there. It’s on the shelf, living there enjoying its life. The other thing that I had were two collector sets of Hot Wheels, cars. The ones that kind of come in the acrylic cases and they’re like a series and this was the original first movie Fast and Furious. I found those two the so those have got to be wicked old. I’m so old that the, the acrylic is starting to it’s almost a little hazy now. And it’s been in a cupboard so it’s been there a while. So I’m starting to kind of re migrate stuff into this room and get it out of everywhere else because I do and eventually we’re going to move because the apartment is wonderful, but we want to get into a house etc. And there’s a lot of stuff in here. And you know, of course, it’s got to all get boxed up and you know, some of its worth a couple bucks and I don’t know, it’s overwhelming just thinking about it. I’m looking up at the shelves of stuff above my head. So we never got back to Tani. We got off a tiny did you did she bring about when I told you that she had passed away? I knew who she was. Yeah, you know, I can picture her. You know, he or she hunting on the front of that car better and transit. Yeah, something like that. I don’t remember the car. Yeah, she was also did some videos and some cover. I think it was the cover art for rat, too. She was I think she was dating one of the guys in rap. If I remember right, as well. So yeah, she was definitely an ABS icon. kind of woman. And then today did you watch? Do you watch Sunday morning with Jane Pauley? Do you watch that show on Sundays by any chance? So I I catch it from time today. I was home and it and they had What’s his name? He was one of the brand McCarthy Yes, I put that out on on Facebook on Facebook today. And watch that and he was kind of like the one kid that didn’t really want to be remembered Brat Pack. Yeah. And I didn’t realize that he I just because I wasn’t hadn’t paid attention to him that he had quite a career in directing, which we talked about last week somebody else or you know from going go Boingo. And yeah, just what? Andy’s old now. That’s also really kind of funny. That reminds me, he’s almost 60. So he’s roughly 10 years. 10 years plus older, for sure. Which is? Yeah, quite a career and especially like TV stuff. And yeah, he does a lot of television. Yeah. Which I thought was really cool. It was really neat. In the interview. I used to watch a show. royal pain. About a concierge doctor was on USA. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think the whole thing’s on Netflix now that he was in episodes in season one. And then once either come back. Yeah. Brother, three episodes. We’ll see the brother in season one. No, he wasn’t the brother. Oh, he was dad. This kid that kind of had a reoccurring role. Okay. Yeah, I like that show. I watched it when it was originally airing to Lori and I liked that one. That was a good show. I forgot about that. I gotta go look that one up. That was a good show. I enjoyed that one. That was Yeah, Royal Pains right the dock that fell from grace and ended up. He was in the Hamptons, right? Isn’t that where it was? Yep. It was based in the Hamptons, and he was kind of the Hamptons doctor now. Whatever. I don’t think I got past the second season for whatever. And I don’t even know if there was there more than two seasons. I think around five. Oh my god. Okay. Well. There you have it. Life caught up to me. So yeah, I’m watching the 100 now. Okay, have you watched it before? Or is this your first time watching it? This is first time Okay, so I think I got before I stopped watching it. I think it got through the second season. Maybe the third. Now in the first season, doesn’t it have? What’s his name? Maybe it wasn’t him. Not the rock. But Aqua man. What’s the name? Jason momoa. Yeah. Isn’t he in the first season? Isn’t he the main character guy from the the it’s just somebody who kind of looks like it. Okay. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve watched it. That’s who I was picturing. But we just finished Season Two nights the show that I watched with Julie and then Julie goes to bed. Started rewatching Lucifer, okay, because the second half of season five. It’s out later this month. I haven’t gotten that far on Lucifer in the 100. I think I stopped on season two or three and a third like five or 6777 total seasons out there. Are they done? Is it done now? Yeah, okay. They actually they did 100 episodes of fitting I really, it gets weird, for sure. I mean, it’s already weird. It’s a great show, but boy does it go off the rails, you’ll, you’ll definitely enjoy it for sure. And I that’s kind of like so some of those shows, I kind of keep in my back pocket as you know, when I’m home sick or just like in the back of my head, like when I’m gonna lay on the couch all day or something like I need to have multiples of you know, because I have a bunch of shows I haven’t finished. But that’s one of the ones that I want to come back to for sure. And get caught up and watch it. And then some of it, it’s when I know that I’m a couple episodes or a season before it’s done. I stopped watching it because I don’t want to get to the end. And then it’s over. The last five episodes of supernatural out of 15 or 16 seasons, I haven’t last watched the last five episodes. I think I told you the reason why on that because I’m mad because they’re not it’s not the ending that it was supposed to be because of the pandemic. They altered it. But yeah, I haven’t watched those last few episodes either. Which, whatever. That’s kind of stupid. It’s a weird quirk that I have. So I can turn on Netflix and find a show that I haven’t finished watching. jump right in somewhere. They just announced that show that what we were talking about Shadow and Bone. He was Shadow and Bone that they’re not renewing after the first Cz regulars. Yeah, the irregular. Thank you. I just read that too. That kind of bummed me out. I thought it was a good show. Yeah, I enjoyed that. But I enjoy all things Sherlock Holmes. Sure. Well, and that went down another rabbit hole about Netflix that they recently or now I’ve kind of trending to cancel shows. And people are really starting to get pissed. Because they’re not given stuff a shot necessarily. And I think it’s just they’re just such a juggernaut anymore that well, and you know, those shows cost money and right. You know, you look at something like irregulars, it was what six episodes? Right? Probably costs them. You know, 15 $20 million produces six episodes. Oh, yeah. They’re not seeing that kind of return immediately. It’s not worth it. That’s right. Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s in it’s really funny how things have changed. So if I go back to brat camp, that’s an example. So we had viewership of like 10 million in episode. And apparently now, getting those kinds of numbers is almost done heard of, because there’s so much like the bar has changed, like 10 million. Today is like, knocking it out of the park on like, such an epic, ridiculous scale. Because there’s so much out there like it’s usually one or 2 million or 5 million. And it’s just totally changed the whole landscape of what kind of how the ratings work and the viewership. Because there’s so much more out there than there used to be. And just really crazy stuff on what they consider successful or not. Yeah, then there’s people like me who are totally unplugged. We just, you know, we have our downloadable services, but we have no cable. We have no local channels. We have no TV. When you guys have always been that way, though, you guys have never really had cable. We’ve had cable a few times. We quit our cable, let’s say three or four years ago. Yeah. It was costing us $80 a month. Right? basic cable with HBO. Yeah, yeah, we were doing well we are doing so I’ve had the same package in the apartment. They don’t even offer the package anymore. So it’s a screaming deal. And if I change and like if I dump my cable, and just go to my internet at the speed that I’m at right now, it’ll cost me more money. I keep a cable which is kind of nice because mindless television watching flip a couple channels on and watch whatever. You know, it’s pretty easy to do and make sense and you know, whatever. But it is also I don’t spend a lot of time watching television shows anymore on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, whatever. Everything is almost streaming exclusively. Like in the evenings I sit down and I turn the Apple TV on. And I go into that and watch whatever I want to watch Netflix etc. And don’t watch cable much at all anymore other than the basic service. I mean, really anymore. And well, you know, go and move we’ll probably get rid of it. Totally. Peacock. So we get everything that’s on NBC Universal. Sure. We have Paramount plus, which is yes, yep. So we get live football and anything on CBS plus, right? Yeah, like eight other channels. Right. I have discovery plus which Again, I do too, you know, it’s like food channel and HGTV. And all that. Right? I actually get that for free because I had to think through Verizon. Oh, cool. Very nice. So plus Disney plus, HBO Max, HBO Max, you’re probably spending more money on cable. Yep, I do the same thing. I have all of those as well. And then basic cable still. But when we move on, sure. The really the end the only need to keep basic, a basic channel like there’s um, it’s called News 10. Now, it’s kind of the on spectrum. Time Warner Cable. It’s just their their 24 hours of local news. Right? And that there’s a value to that because of weather means just kind of local news. For the most part, you get your weather on your phone? Well, I do as well. Of course I do. But it’s, you know, it’s one of those things like when we’re in Florida, and we’re traveling and stuff, it’s nice to be able to watch the local stuff and what’s going on, I guess. It’s habit. No, I know. It’s down to the 21st century shop. You’re talking like your dad. I know. Hey, and I still like to read his. Hey, I still read newspapers, just saying. And you’re you probably have to still read a newspaper. I’m guessing, based on your right to get the newspaper anymore. How is that possible? I use the app. I still read it every day. Shame on you. I can’t believe that Julie doesn’t have a paper delivered to her house every day. You know, it would get delivered. And never kids would bring it in and put it down at the entry and it would be more and more pilots. Two weeks later, we’d have this huge 100 newspapers that we get their way. Okay, fair enough. I get it. I guess you know, we get our news. Online, right. Sure. Great. regular people. Yeah, well, I yeah. I mean, I do too. I do too. I guess. I mean, I do. And it’s stupid. I saw Justin on Friday. Oh, yeah. How’s Mr. holiday? He’s doing pretty good. You just got a new job household, I assume. Well, he just got a he’s still massaging but in a new place. Okay. He starts tomorrow. Nice. I have to call him back. He called me last week. Two weeks ago, maybe. And I got to call him before his damn birthday. I didn’t miss it. His he’s the 19th. Right. Yeah, he’s, yeah, he’s a couple days. So I gotta call him. We got to get to know and up pops up on my phone. We got to get on Facebook. Yeah, we got to get so and so’s birthday. We got to get him on here to think that would be fun. Unless he’s a weird shut in now or something. Does he still have that? His his weird eye thing going on? Or did that finally get? Did you finally get that anger? I don’t know. He’s always got some weird thing going on. God bless him. Oh, boy. Crazy. That’s kind of funny. Yeah, I haven’t talked to him. It’s been a couple years. I mean, we you know, birthdays texts. I look at my text feed from him. And it’s literally in April and May of every year during our birthdays. I you know, I rely on Alicia to keep me caught up. For the most part. She’s pretty good at it. And I know what’s going on with Judd. I know what’s going on with Justin and Carrie for the most part. You know, Glenn’s pretty good on Facebook. I try just follow him now. And yeah. We talked last week about him. And about Glenn. Yeah. Maybe it wasn’t with you. So a couple days ago, Glenn posts, finally going back to the gym. And it takes it’s a picture of himself going to the gym. It’s been a year and a half since I went to the gym, motherfucker sport in a second attack sport in a six pack. His freakin biceps are twice the size of my head. He’s totally ripped in beautiful shape and hasn’t done anything in a year and is excited to get into the gym and then I feel like a total lazy slog because he still has that Adonis freakin body that everybody went googly eyed over even all the guys because he just was that guy. Right? Oh, son of a bitch and now he’s all gray haired and looks all nostalgic and even better. He’s kind of a George Clooney type jerk. He’s gonna laugh if he hears that for sure he’d be another good one for us to get on here and chat with and harass for a while. Talk to him in a while. But yeah, and I talked to Alicia this morning was it this morning yesterday morning, Dr. Lee yesterday, before she went kayaking caught up with her and then I noticed she posted a couple pictures of herself kayaking yesterday and she got burnt to a crisp. Oh my God does she either forgets on sunscreen at home desire I died last week so I’m not gonna get I’m not gonna get burned and then she’ll I’ll call her tomorrow and say, Oh my god, I’m just laying here at my body’s on fire. Some things never change. God bless her. We she’s having fun. Crazy. So So yeah, that was a fun tangent. So So how’s how’s the how’s the pandemic in the getting a shot going there in Oregon these days? I think it got worse this week since I talked to you. Because so many people are refusing to get the shot. Yeah, they’ve shut everything down right in Oregon is totally shut down now. And and that happened since we talked. They shut it down. A week ago, Friday and now they’re starting to reopen Little by little, like restaurants. I totally closed takeout only. Yeah, like you guys are were the rest of the country was like literally a year and a half ago, almost now. While it’s where we were a year and a half ago. Seriously, it was that bad back then to was the numbers. Yeah, kept going up and up and up. And people in this state just they won’t get the vaccine. They won’t wear their mask. It’s not, ya know, how is that part of their fault that everything happened? And so they’re still blaming Trump? Right? They can’t be still blame. They blame they blame Kate Brown, who? Oh, your governor, Governor. Oh, okay. It’s all her fault. Yeah, of course. It’d be good one to blame. So that literally people are not wearing masks still. That’s happening in Oregon. Oh, yeah. Of all places. Like in Portland, like super ultra liberal. Now left? Are you talking out in like, burn everywhere else? Where everything is red. Wherever they vote red. Yeah. But the trumpers the forever trumpers are that the VA it doesn’t exist, etc, and so on and so forth. So they complain states being shut down, right. And then they refuse to get the vaccine, they refuse to wear their masks their social distance to refuse to quarantine. So then the state gets shut down again. And then they complain that the state’s being shut down again. So so they’re, they’re still. So I find that really interesting, because so New York is kind of similar to Oregon. It’s funny to say that because it really isn’t. But so you got New York City you got downstate. So south of Syracuse. I mean, it’s even further south than that. We’re talking like Hudson Valley did the city and beyond. It’s all very democrat based very liberal. You know, that’s where the stronghold for the state is. That’s why it always It’s why we’re democratically you know, the democrats have run New York State forever because of the city and the population down there by Oregon, but even on the rural red, like we’re up in the area that I’m at, it’s it’s red, it’s not as red as it maybe was 10 years ago, but it’s still red. Everybody kind of bought into the whole thing. And everybody put a mask on all the businesses of course, like and that’s the part that doesn’t make sense. So you refuse to wear a mask, but all the for the most part 99% of all the businesses require it. Like how do people function? refusing to wear a mask? That’s what does just crazy to me. I don’t understand businesses aren’t enforcing it really. They need they need revenue. Is it that bad in certain areas that it makes that would make a difference? I don’t really. And there’s some businesses that Yeah, don’t support to not only do refused to make people wait and wear masks, yeah. But they will serve people who are wearing masks. No, seriously. Like the so the opposite of no shirt, no shoes, no service. So it’s like you walk in with a mask get out. Right, take it off, really. That I’ve never heard that going on anywhere. That’s interesting that that you’d figure that’d be a good national story that they would be reporting and I pay way too much attention to the news and I haven’t heard any of that. That is That’s wild. That is really crazy. I’ve honest to god truth so go into Florida, you know New York all over the place. I’ve yet to go into a place that was we don’t wear masks and we’re proud kind of place. Which is there’s a place in prineville. Okay. I mean, yeah, well, yeah. Well, it’s kind of hard in town where you know, everybody but didn’t like Amazon or is there a big call center out there now where there’s lots of Facebook? It’s not a call center. It’s a data center. Okay. They have to Apple has one. And maybe Amazon has one and Facebook is building a third out there and prineville area up there out there on the plateau above prineville. Is that where they’re building all those big buildings? I think so. What that employs a crap ton of people right now, damn play like 15 people. What they’re like, oh, data centers? Oh, Jesus. Okay, so there, that’s where the the hardware is. That’s where all the where all the so it doesn’t take a lot of people. You got a couple of people doing maintenance couple people day in security. people doing dusting, and you’re done. So it’s just buildings and serpo Super rural areas that can’t get messed with basically, that’s why they’re doing it out there. Is I mean, it does add some jobs. Sure. But it brings in people who are, you know, running the facility? Sure. Because there’s very few people in prineville, who are who have the education to run a facility like Sure, yeah, the skill set. Right. So it diversifies the population for sure. I mean it or at least it helps a little bit. That’s why property values are starting to go prineville now, right? Well, you know, it can only get so expensive in Bend, and then in Redmond. And you just have to keep going further out if you want to live in Central Oregon. And so you go either south, you go to lupine. Or you go the other way, I mean really in the other way is kind of more expensive, because if you go towards sister’s housing up there is got to be right through the roof anymore. And you’re gonna have to live in Madras to afford to live in South Florida. Well, right. Because if you have the view of those mountains, you’re gonna pay top dollar anymore. Good lord. Yeah, that’s crazy. But I don’t know that the whole mask thing is just New York is is lifting its orders. You know, state fairs back in play. sporting events are back in play. You know, they just announced new york city by September. All the plays, you know, the lights on? We’ll be back on Broadway. Yeah. I mean, in what was interesting about that is, I overheard the governor talking about it. And I thought he said, it’s, you know, it’s back open. I’m like, What? Seriously? Wow, okay, how are they gonna do that this quick? Well, they’re not. They’re just opening ticket sales right now or at the beginning of the month, for September. So that’s one of the things that isn’t, that’s gonna take some time to get going again, but puts a lot of people back to this. trailblazers finally started allowing fan live spectators on Friday, how many days ago? Did you say five? Like, live? So live? Live? Okay. Yeah, that started here. We were actually, I think, the first sporting event in the country to allow spectators and it was a Buffalo Bills game. And every person going in had to be COVID tested. And it was like 25% capacity, whatever it was, but it was quite a few people in there. And that happened this winner. And that was kind of a big deal. I think it was a big experiment to see if they could do those kinds of things at the time. So if they knew they could pull that off, that they could do other events, the same kind of way as test people as they go in. And that was, I think, before the shot was out must have been before the shot was out. So that’s probably a little longer than my brain is going where that was. But I think the shot that it shouldn’t be a blow up until beginning of January. Right? Was it that late? I thought it was before the first of the year. might have been might have been It was after Trump was on office because that was the whole push for him. I think he was hoping that that would happen squarely before he was out of office or before the election and that didn’t happen. And now and that was I know he was pushing saying it’s gonna come this month. That’s right. That’s right. No, it’s gonna come this month. That’s right. So you could always conspiracy theory that one out if you want for fun, but right, yeah, I don’t know. Whatever. But because Pfizer cares. Yeah. Because they care that Trump was in office. They just care about the Benjamins. The amount of money they made from the every government in the world seriously, how much money they made it people have. I mean, I don’t think I can imagine how much money that those companies have made well, and it was only one of them has the patent on the COVID vaccine. I don’t remember which one it is, if it’s Madonna, I don’t know which one it was. There’s only one of those companies has a patent. And the rest of them were given permission to manufacture it. And in the in our President is looking to open the patent up. Yeah, that’s huge. That’s huge money. Like I mean, that. Why would you expand the hand that feeds you like that, so that they don’t play nice next time? I mean, I mean, you know, as of now, that’s like, almost 2 billion people have been, yeah, vaccinated. Right. So they make their money. Yeah. But oh, well, yeah. I mean, from a capitalism standpoint, and a business has got to make money, and proprietary information. I mean, I get all of that, too, at the same time, like if somebody came in and said, I want all your recipes, because we’re going to make them public. Because we’re going to do that if the government came in and did that to me. I mean, that is pretty intrusive. Really, they’re not actually asking for all the recipes, asking for one recipe. The one most popular recipe already paid millions of dollars for Oh, if not trillions, I’m sure. Yeah. You know, is there to help the human race? Move forward? I all good points. I mean, it’s hard to argue that for sure. But I think it’s the idea of setting precedent, which is where companies and attorneys and lawyers would go with that as it happens once it’s going to happen again, because every time you deem it important enough, then you’re going to impose this thing on us. So I can see that going all the way to the Supreme Court gets madana they have six members of the board, all of whom are worth less than $10 million. Oh, yeah, a year ago. Now they’re all on the billionaire list. Wouldn’t it have been nice to be a minority shareholder on that board? Wow, so many Wouldn’t it have been nice? Yeah. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the owner have stock in three m before the pandemic hit? Wouldn’t have been nice to buy Microsoft in 1979 when I’d have you know, so when my grandpa was still alive, he had this story about throwing this door to door salesmen off of his property. And you know what he was selling IBM stock so I got to think back to when I own some apple stock. Now, this would have been 2530 years ago, and that stock is split I don’t know how many times since then, but I sold it at some point for whatever it was worth and I must have made a little bit of money on it and sold it I didn’t have many shares but I mean I had full shares I mean it because it was affordable at the time and sold it and any other stock that I had at the time paid off I think and I think and was when I was with Laurie It was early on and got rid of all that and think about now what that would have all been worth and then I think back if I would have actually done those surveys that they were sending out when they were giving away free Bitcoin full Bitcoin like a coin a full like one coin. What that would be worth today. So So have you started buying cryptocurrency yet? Speaking of now cryptocurrency really at all? Have you been paying any attention to it? I pay attention to it. I don’t buy it yet. Okay, so, um, you do you? You do pI? I noticed because you like you’re on my list. Yeah, go on, like on the weekend be like an every time or I every time I send you the damn thing to mine for me because I yeah, cuz right now you’re inactive Shame on you. I’m looking at it right now on my phone. Lori’s mining. My other guy that’s on there with me is mining but you and my sister both aren’t mining right now. And I know you get my alerts because I send them every single time that I log in every day. But the other thing that I do is I’ve stopped Did I don’t know it was a couple months ago, when I did pi and got onto that I started talking to another guy that used to be an inn used to work on Wall Street used to be a trader, like legit. And we were talking about, he’s the one that got me on pi. And we started talking about different Bitcoin companies to start paying attention to. So I took $200 200 bucks, and I got on a website or an app called Coinbase. And I put 200 bucks in and I bought these five stocks or five Bitcoin, or different kinds of Bitcoin companies that were kind of the that were getting kind of the most press really more than anything, and, and then didn’t pay much attention to it at all, I mean, it was like, well, 200 bucks, if I get my 200 bucks out in a year or two, whatever, and it was kind of fun. And but, but what if something happens, right? What if like lightning strikes accidentally, so I’ve doubled my money. So I got 400 bucks in there, and I haven’t taken anything out yet, which is probably stupid. I should take my 200 out, but I’m kind of letting it ride. And this whole dodge coin fiasco that was set up as a joke that everybody got on board with, that’s trading stupid money, and then took a nosedive after Ilan musk yesterday made fun of it on SNL. Yeah. So it’s gone back up today, almost a full percentage point from its drop last night. And as worth a whole lot more, I’m like, I’m looking at it right now, it’s worth a lot more now than it was yesterday. Because I may have spent a little money on Dodge, just thinking that maybe that would be even though a joke that could take off, I should probably sell what I have. But it’s really been fascinating. And it’s super hard to understand. And I don’t understand it. And it pisses me off that I haven’t found the right person that can explain it in a way that I get it. This investor guy that I know my friend, Jeremy, he’s know some super smart people that are still in that world. And he’s trying to get kind of meeting together for somebody to explain cryptocurrency to us in a way that you can understand it. And the only thing that I can tell you for sure that I’ve learned about cryptocurrency, if I teach you a lesson today is there’s two kinds of way to buy cryptocurrency. One is you buy it for what it’s worth, in, let’s say US dollar, and it’s only worth what it is in US dollar, which is you’re just buying. You’re not it’s not a stock, you’re not buying a percentage of. So like Robin Hood is another trading app. If you buy cryptocurrency through them, and they only represent like seven, six or seven different ones. You if you can’t transfer it, you have to sell it for us dollars, which is kind of defeats the purpose and in cryptocurrency idea behind it is you own it and it grows. And then you use that in the value of that to buy things, obviously like money. Instead of having to just turn around and sell it for what the US dollar says it’s worth because the US dollar, of course is dropping in value and has for a couple of years now pretty significantly. So the dollar isn’t as strong. And yeah, it’s just really fascinating. That’s about as far as the understanding of it that I have. Yeah, going back to wishing that I had gotten free Bitcoin back in the early 2000s 20 years ago. But yeah, between that and not wearing a face mask, I just lose him. So I’m officially as of tomorrow, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, I’m officially two weeks after my second shot. So I am considered immune not you’re not immune, but you’re you’re totally vaccinated. I guess it’s run its course in my body. And I’m apparently able to say that, but it doesn’t make a difference because you still got to wear a mask everywhere. And there’s no difference. And that’s kind of I think what pisses people off although New York State is starting to make some changes, is if you go get the shot, and you’re safe. And you’re not going to get severely ill. But you still got to wear a mask everywhere. I can see I can see people’s point when they bring that up. They’re like what what’s the purpose? What’s the point? I can’t go anywhere I can do anything and I still gotta wear a damn mask everywhere I go. Why should To get the shot, it’s not going to make my life any different. That being said, New York State now has said things like, certain sporting events, if you have your vaccine, you can sit in one area of the arena as an example, which doesn’t have the width, the social distancing is relaxed, you can sit with more people, blah, blah, blah, maybe better seats just to piss people off. I don’t know, they haven’t said that yet. But there’s they’re definitely doing the shots and the no shots, right, like seating and spaces. And I can see that really becoming a problem. But and I find it really fascinating. Like they’re making, they’re literally creating two new classes of human beings, people that have the shot and people that don’t like and that never existed before. That is a new, literally a new class and a new citizen class. And it’s not like everybody doesn’t have equal access to it. Well, it’s my choice, aka rich versus poor, or white versus black or whatever. Right. Everybody has, you know, way to get that shot? That’s right. They are choosing not to right. No. Bill Gates has put a microchip in his jacket that I have heard that? My you know, the truth is, we were segregated like that for kids. If you didn’t have your all your shot, he didn’t go to school. That’s right. Yeah. You weren’t allowed to go to school? That’s right. We were no. Yeah, it’s just really fascinating that something that literally 18 months ago was the thought of it, or even the term didn’t exist. And now it’s here and it’s real, is there’s now a whole again, two new classes of people that didn’t exist prior to it again, by choice or not. And you know, when people could argue that there that there isn’t a choice or that there is or whatever, you get the extremists, but it really is coming down to you can do X, Y, and Z because you have a shot, you can go on a cruise, because you have the shot. I want to pay for a curious I want to pay for the super sweet on the top floor. That’s $20,000 a night? Well, okay, can you send over a copy of your immunization record, essentially, that you got your shot? Well, I didn’t get my shot, well, you can’t have that as well, I’m gonna give you $100 bills, sorry, I don’t want your money because you know, the shot, seriously, two different classes, and it’s leveled the playing field, too. So the playing field is leveled that anybody can get the shot. But those two classes don’t care if you’re rich or poor, or black or white, either. On the other side of it, it’s just, you could have all the money in the world. But if the rule is you have to have that card. I mean, anybody could bootleg the card, I’m sure it’s not like it’s like a driver’s license. And they can bootleg those too. But that card is gonna become really difficult to forge a card or no, yeah. And they’ll start doing that, I’m sure. Because if you look at the card is just a piece of paper really, that anybody can get on a computer and make it’s not like a driver’s license. Made the card a usable size. Yeah, like the size of a business card or a credit card that would be damn wallet totally, as opposed to face square, and things that you can’t do it right. It’s stupid. Yeah, it was so. So we know that we’re going to have to present or have those at certain shows and different events that we do. So I’m not going to have my original. And I’m gonna, and I want to put it on lanyard. So I need to have it on a lanyard with my other ID that we were whatever. Well, it doesn’t fit, right. So I spent, I spent literally 45 minutes with a paper cutter and sizing it down and making photocopies of 100 different photocopies give it to the right size to make a copy of it so that I can laminate that copy and put copy on it. It’s not the original I’m going to leave that at home of course, so that it would fit and it was a total pain in the ass and the whole time I was thinking is who the hell thought of this. Who had all this extra perforated paper laying around that it was this stupid ass size that they decided to make these immediately these immunisation cards how stupid This is. Just piss me right off. How hard would it be to make it the size of a damn credit card really so can fit in everybody’s wallet on the planet. Things that really think you’re the you know, everybody. Any man who gets it, they’re just going to have their woman carrying it around than ours. Well, a woman it’s going to piss them off too because they don’t carry their shit loose in their purse. It goes their wallet in their purse, which is happens to be the same size for the same cards that we use. I mean, there’s a reason everything is that a woman’s wallet is like, well, it folds open like nine times small purse. Well, yes. I mean, you know, it’s a damn you know, it’s a card. It’s a, you know, why can’t it be that size? Seriously that size? It’s all it’s got to be. Yeah, things that just piss you right off. That is one of them recently that just pisses me right off. things that make you go home. totally stupid. What else is stupid these days? to price a toilet paper? That’s kind of stupid. The price of gas is on sale. Holy shit. The paper is on sale at Costco right now. Okay, so the toilet paper stock has been renewed in your part of the world. Very nice. Yes. Impressive. The price of gas on the East Coast going up because of that hack of the pipeline. Yeah. But before that happened, our governor, Governor, or in some cases they call him el presidente a or, or dictator, just saying that he’s proposing a 51 cent gas tax for not only fuel, but for also heating fuel oil across every night. Yeah. 51 cent tax. That could be that could be as soon as this year. Seriously, like it’s gonna happen. There was somebody in the Oregon legislature who was trying to get a bill passed. Banning diesel fuel from the state banning it. Yeah. What do they not realize that once you get over the past that diesel trucks are the majority of what’s driving around. Now, I understand that, but yeah, not gonna sell it in the state anymore. Really? They’re gonna stop selling diesel fuel in Oregon. For real? I don’t think it passed the legislature. Right. But it was brought up. I mean, how could I mean, you think about it as How could something and we’ve seen crazy stuff pass? But how could something like that? I mean, automakers and you got you have so many lobbyists with so much power and poll. I mean, I don’t see something like that, at least right now. I can see them taxing it, just like they’re doing New York State. I think that that’s how our governor is finding kind of the backdoor to green energy to kind of push his you know, he has a pretty aggressive plan for the state. In green energy, I mean, really aggressive? Well, the best way to fund that, well, you want people to start driving electric cars, make gasoline really expensive in the state. I mean, that’s one way to do it, for sure. The only way you’re gonna get more people to drive electric cars is to make electric cars affordable. Well, and that’s happening, this electric car is $60,000. People aren’t going to be driving electric cars. Well, yeah, I mean, we got to know that. Tesla is always probably well, and they do have a couple cars that are more in the $30,000 price range. One car that’s in the 35. Yeah, but you can’t get it because it’s sold out forever. years ago for the next 10 years. Yeah, so so but Ford came out with the Mustang. And I think that was a great experiment. I think they were doing that to prove a point. So they started with their sports car. And all the European automakers are coming out with one Volkswagens coming out with y. All right. And I think horse and I think we’re the big money on coming out with electric Yeah, and where the big money is going to be in those cars is going to be service stations forum, it’s going to be charging stations, that’s going to be either they’re going to hopefully make the charging stations fully universal, so you can pull up to a Tesla charging station or just a regular charging station. And they work. And I don’t know if that’s the case now, but it would make sense that they would make that mechanism the same, or at least right you have adapters or something somehow that that would work. Now that may have already that may already be the case, and I may be talking like a moron, but that would be where the big money is going to be is charging stations. And of course I got really hung up on. I mean, I even maybe might have sent a text to Ilan marks saying, hey, when I send my cybertruck so that I can test it out in the North Country where we get real weather and we live on a farm that and he might not have responded but I was hopeful that may be what but I got really what you what you might think about is putting a charging station I’ve looked into at the winery. We’re gonna I think I’m gonna do that. Put the wrapping there because they have two kinds, they have regular charging that the commercial, they have regular charging, they’ve rapid charging. And the rapid charging stations are pretty impressive. I mean whether the length of time that somebody would take to come in and do a tasting, they would have like a 90% charge on their car. And if you look at where the charging stations are geographically where I am, the closest one is about 30 miles unless somebody else has put one in and it’s not in the system yet. Like it’s not on their, their map. But I thought that that would be that would make a lot of sense. And I have reached out to him. I haven’t got an email back yet, but they do have a whole program for those. So you basically pay for the unit. And then you can charge basically for the use of it. Now that’s not it’s not uncommon. It’s kind of in the middle of the road where that I think that that’ll end up people charging charging people money for the power right now. For the most part, I believe that it’s complimentary or free just because in the balance of how much how many cars there are versus not there’s not a lot of people in comparison, but my friend Meyer here in town has six right? Yeah, you got to Watertown in like a couple of hotels and the mall all have parking spots to be able to do that. And and in Portland, you they’re everywhere. Oh, I’m sure yeah. But it’s uh, I we’re seeing I mean, we’re seeing a shift you know, forward again, they had to do their flagship car their hot rod to prove that you can have a cool car that goes really fast. That’s electric. And people yeah, they don’t realize how stupid fast even the cheapest version of those cars are. Holy crap. Tesla is ridiculous. Yeah, it’s stupid. Yeah, I mean, zero to 60 in like three seconds. Yeah, two point it’s under to set the the triple engine, blah, blah, blah, is under three seconds. It’s like 2.9 seconds or something. I mean, in. I mean, that’s a drag racer. You’re no, it’s not drag racer fast. It’s faster than drag racer. You can get through an intersection faster than the light can turn from red to green. If you hit it, right. I mean, it’s stupid fast, like dangerous, fast naki to the back of the car fast. And it is self driving. And it you can play video games while you’re driving, although you’re not supposed to. Or watch movies, and the inside look like there’s nothing in his cars, specifically the Tesla’s What I really like about them is they take that technology and go all the way through the car with it. So you get in the car, it doesn’t feel like a regular car. It feels like an electric car. There’s maybe a couple cupholders. But there’s no doodads. There’s no nothing. It’s all smooth. And there’s just one screen or two that run the whole shebang. Like there’s, you know, there’s no air vents. Everything is integrated in like temperature control how the cars run because there’s no combustion engine to make heat in its electric and how they do that whole thing is utterly fascinating to me to get into a car that is basically has all smooth surfaces. I mean, that is what we grew up watching in movies in the 80s. tying back to movies in the 80s. Just super futuristic. The cars are flying. Yeah, what right? Or they fill up with foam when you crash them or something cool like that, which would be awesome. A big mass, but it would be awesome. Yeah. So I’ve been totally hooked on like the Tesla cybertruck cybertruck actually affordable. Even the loaded super loaded ultra truck isn’t beyond what somebody would pay for. an Escalade? Really? I mean, a loaded escalator. It’s the same brand. Yeah, totally. But like they’re even their S series, which is the sedan. It’s not their sports car, but it’s kind of their sport sedan. I love the look of that car. I mean, I would, I guess if I lived anywhere other than here or had a car that I would just drive in the summer, that would be it. And that would be pretty damn neat. See, I would love to have one for just getting around town. Yeah, totally. I mean, and I’ll tell you on the East Coast, because we were we were in Florida and I wanted to test drive one and they didn’t even have any test drive at the time. Like there just wasn’t any in the dealership was empty. They didn’t have any. But I was looking at the charging stations and I could get on because we drive to Florida. You know, so you start looking at how long it takes. You know how many hours you know how many miles in between stops. You could comfortably drive from Clayton, New York to basically the keys and not be stressed out about finding stops to re energize your car so to speak or get energy gas burden that gas but get electricity. They’re all over the fucking place. I think and I think if you were on The three main interstates going east to west, you wouldn’t have any problems either. I think if you start getting off the beaten path and rural Montana, well, like anything yeah, you know, you start, you know, gas stations are scarce as well. So you got to kind of plan out later on you find more banjos. That’s right. That’s exactly right. And people with no teeth in you? Yeah. And yeah. So, but it’s definitely I’m hooked on electric cars. I’m all about it. I mean, if I’m going to own a car with a combustion engine, I want it to be a hot rod. And then I’ll convert so my daily drivers, my pickup trucks, the whole shebang. I’ll go full electric and then I’ll have you know, the Hot Rod, motorcycle in the hot rod hot rod in the garage. That will still take gas and I’ll pay 10 bucks a gallon or whatever. Because I’m not driving them very often. I can do that. I’d be okay with that. I do the driver regular. Our Prius? Yeah, well, yeah. Didn’t you have one? Can you have an electric you had a hybrid? Well, we have a hybrid. Okay. You don’t have to plug it in now. Right. It’s a Prius. See? It’s it’s the tiny one, right? We’ve had it six years. We’ve put 50,000 miles in six years. Wow. Yeah. Just driving here. Well, if you’re not traveling or going anywhere and just driving around town. That’s not bad. And that’s gonna you know, go into Portland twice a year. Yeah. I that’s about what I put on. I guess the kind of mileage I put on our cars because we’re just driving around locally for the most part, right. But the Prius gets 50 miles to the gallon, right. That’s right. Yeah, I mean, that’s bordering on you know, motorcycle range. You know, my my Harley is that much. Speaking of which, the new fat boy I just saw it today. It’s called the fort and fat boy for 10. I might get that wrong. I just saw it today. It’s a damn sexy motorcycle. Harley has a cycle to death and whatever Harley just came out with a electric bike to last year maybe I just noticed that I didn’t realize it. It I haven’t been following. I actually haven’t. I haven’t written my motorcycle on a street. Two years. They’ve been nice orgy. Well, bikes that have the two wheels in the front and the one wheel on the back. Yeah. And I think actually, I don’t think those classifies motorcycle. I don’t think maybe they do. I don’t remember now. But I really like e bikes, too. I don’t have one. But I like the idea of pedaling a bike that you don’t have to pedal anymore. It’s kind of called a moped in my mind, but they call an E bikes. Really step that has one? Yeah. Does he have the super cool one where it basically is like, now he only paid like 500 bucks for it not 5000. Okay, so it’s not a scooter. Basically, their scooters, they go 3540 miles an hour. When we last time we were in New York City, which was probably a year and a half ago. Now. They’re all they were all over the place. Like these guys were a lion, and they’re on bikes. But it’s all under power. They’re not pedaling, not a damn, one of them were paddling, and they were going a bazillion miles an hour. So I thought those would be cool. Because, you know, I do have, you know, I do have a couple motor bikes behind me. They don’t have motors on. But I might use them more if they had motors. Or if I just use mme legs. I’d be a lot skinnier. But that’s a different discussion. Though, they are kind of cool. Don’t they do a good good job for background? For the podcast? For sure. Yeah, with nine lights and low ambient lighting going on there. Yeah, whatever. Alright, I gotta go make Mother’s Day dinner. Awesome. What are we having? We’re having rib, ribeye steaks, okay. And lobster tails. Nice. And homemade Caesar salad was homemade dressing. Okay, so I want to make sure we get this on the air. So as soon as I know exactly when my cards are kind of come in. We’ll we’ll set a time probably next weekend based on when the show will come in. And we’ll figure that out and do that. So when I saw I saw your text that had which expansions you order. Yeah. So I will order those expansions. Oh, so you got the right ones. Do you have any expansions? If you do, let me know which ones and I’ll get those as well. We have any expansion. Okay. I’ll ask the boys. Yeah. So awesome. So we’ll get together next week. And we’ll do that and we’ll figure out how to livestream that. So maybe this week, we’ll get together in a short couple calls and do some dry runs. Maybe get up and get the live stream actually running on our pages. Make sure all that works before we officially do it. And that’ll be cool. Next Sunday, I’ll be in Los Angeles. That’s okay. We won’t do it. Sunday, we’ll pick a different day. I can do the podcast from LA if you want to probably on my phone again. Okay. Thanks for listening to the Gen X perspective with Tony Randazzo, where we see things a bit differently. Let’s get social. Find us on Facebook by searching Gen X perspective, Twitter, at Gen X underscore podcast and on Instagram at Gen X perspective, you can also find us online at Gen X perspective.com. And reach out to Tony directly at Tony at Gen X perspective.com. to maybe you can talk strategy on how to beat Super Mario Brothers three. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Gen X perspective wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening